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Kabul municipality shares last year’s achievements to nation

In the Government Accountability Program, the Urban Services and Environment Protection Deputy of the Kabul Municipality, Mullah Mohammad Khalid Sajistani, presented the entity’s achievements over the past year to the nation at the Government Media and Information Center. The Municipality’s deputy stated that the institution collected 4 billion and 228 million Afghanis from its revenue sources in the past year. “Using its domestic budget, the Municipality has implemented various projects, including urban road construction, construction of drainage and surface water canals, public transport infrastructure improvements, urban devel opment planning, preservation and maintenance of urban infrastructure, and urban building renovations,” he said. He further stated that 125 kilometers of roads and 10 kilometers of canals were completed in compliance with transportation and design standards during the past year. He highlighted that during the past year, more than 600,000 saplings have been planted in Kabul city to enhance greenery, and 271,865 tons of waste have been collected from various areas of Kabul and transferred outside the city. Speaking at the session, the Municipality’s advisor for cultural affairs, Nematullah Barakzai, also provided information about the institution’s activities and plans. He stated that in the past year, the Kabul Municipality has taken necessary measures to control prices, prevent hoarding, and tackle noise pollution. He added that the Municipality inspected 3,692 buildings in Kabul to prevent air pollution. After that, 269 buildings did not have smoke purification filters installed them. Barakzai further stated that Municipality is committed to providing standardized services and timely solutions to the citizens of Kabul in sustainable urban development. Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.