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Kabul municipality installs stalled carts to collect revenue

Kabul municipality has recently put and installed stalled carts for street venders in various parts of the city to sell their goods. The municipality has initiated this to prevent from corruption and to bring order in the city. The step is considered as positive towards collecting revenue. In the past, the street venders were roaming with their carts to sell their stuffs and the municipality could not collect their revenue regularly.
Now, the Kabul municipality and all other relevant departments are working hard to prevent from embezzlement of the country’s incomes; therefore, the daily and annual revenue of each department within the Islamic Emirate are increasing by passing each single day.
Nevertheless, streets venders and for those installed stalled carts have been distributed are complaining of high renting rate of the carts, claiming that the municipality collects from 4,000 – 6,000 afghani per month, which is very high for a street vender. They have asked the Kabul municipality to review the rate.
“The tax in which we pay for our installed stalled cart is very high and we cannot pay it. We’re asking the municipality to review their decision,” said a local street vender.
He said that the security has improved and they were happy about their business, but the high tax on them has put most street venders in concern.

Lal Pacha, another street vender in Kot-e-Sangi area, says he has been selling his stuffs on streets for years to win bread for his family, but now the rent of these installed stalled carts is very high and they cannot afford to pay it. He hoped the Kabul municipality would reconsider and review the decision.
Since the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) takeover, a large number of people have turned to working on streets. Kabul municipality has decided to bring order in many areas of Kabul city; therefore, they have installed stalled carts for street venders to do their businesses. Now, the municipality has asked the street venders to pay tax on time. The recent move of the municipality has been welcomed by most of residents of the city.
Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.