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Kabul municipality eases procedure for construction of high-rise buildings

Kabul municipality says it has eased procedures for those who would like to construct high-rise buildings in Kabul city. In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, a spokesperson to Kabul municipality, Nimatullah Barakzai said those who would like to construct high-rise buildings in Kabul city could easily contact the municipality, adding that after the specification process of the one’s property, relevant departments of the municipality provide them with a license to start the work.
“Those who have received their license for the construction of buildings can resume the construction work in accordance to their licenses, but those receiving licenses but violated the construction regulations should contact the municipality so that the relevant department review the case,” Barakzai said, adding that the individuals could resume construction work and continue the work until the new law was enforced.
On the other hand, a number of individuals working in the construction sector welcoming the move by Kabul municipality say the current economic crisis and increasing price of construction materials have caused that they are not able to resume construction work despite they are provided with licenses for construction of high-rise buildings in the city.
“Construction materials are currently very expensive. If anybody starts construction work on a building, there will be nobody to purchase or rent,” said Sadat, a resident of Kabul.
He said the reduction in imports of construction materials and freezing of Afghanistan’s foreign assets were considered as the main challenges facing the country’s investors and traders.
Previously, Kabul municipality had stopped all construction work on high-rise buildings, but now the municipality has informed of starting construction work in the city.
Khan Agha is one of those whose construction work on his home had been stopped by the Kabul municipality said.
“I had two houses in Kabul city. I sold one to construct my other home in a standard way.
The construction work on the home was underway when the IEA took power,” Khan Agha said, adding that the banking system faced with challenges; therefore, he suspended construction work on the home.
He said construction of buildings would not be easy until banking limitations and economic problems of people were not addressed, asking the Islamic Emirate to address all challenges facing the country’s banks.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.