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Kabul hopes Afghanistan and Pakistan can address mutual concerns

Abdul Qahar Balkhi, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has expressed hope that Afghanistan and Pakistan can address their mutual concerns. Balkhi told Al Jazeera TV channel that both sides should find a “better pathway” that safeguards the “goodwill” that the government and people of Pakistan had shown towards Afghan refugees. In October last, Pakistan gave illegal refugees a deadline to leave voluntarily or face forced repatriation. The United Nations says that Pakistan has forced more than 450,000 Afghans out of the country. Balkhi also dismissed fears that some refugees will be persecuted after return. “We have maintained a policy of general amnesty. Thanks Allah, we are Muslims. Unlike certain powers that killed and suffocated thousands of prisoners in containers, we declared a general amnesty, and we have shown in our deeds that the general amnesty stands for anyone that collaborated with foreign powers. There are hundreds of thousands that are currently working shoulder-to-shoulder with the government of Afghanistan and government bodies. And there are millions of others who are living peacefully and enjoying their lives,” Balkhi said. He said that Pakistan started expelling Afghan refugees without coordinating with Kabul and against international practices. Ariana

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.