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Kabul gathering drums up support for ANDSF

By: The Kabul Times

A number of Kabul inhabitants declared their support of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces in a meeting held here in capital city, saying that Taliban would not overcome the war through force and violence.
In the meeting with the participation of Hezb-e-Etihad-e-Milli-e-Afghanistan (Afghanistan National Unity Party) a number of religious scholars and civil society activists criticized double standard policy of Afghanistan neighbors particularly Pakistan towards Afghan peace process, saying that these countries have ignited flames of a devastating war in Afghanistan with their opportunistic policies.
Addressing the meeting on Friday, leader of the party, Ali Mohammad Wais said, citizens support ANDSF and the Taliban cannot overcome through military means in the battlefields and this group would soon be defeated in all war fronts.
Wais added that in the wake of withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, Pakistan started devastating offensives against Afghans, destroying the infrastructures and commit every war crime.
Wais went on to say, the government must supply on time support of ANDSF and should not let them to fight Taliban with empty hands. Touching Pakistan double standard policies on Afghan peace process, Wais went on to say that the neighboring country was deeply and frankly involved in current proxy war in Afghanistan, but apparently support peace process while she plays key role in escalating of wars.
Deputy party leader Khalilullah Shinker said, the current war is not a war among Afghans, but it’s a proxy war of Pakistan under the mask of (Taliban Emirate).
According to Shinker, no war has final victory, adding these wars should be concluded through political ways. “The warring parties should take up their demands at the talks table and discus and defend their demands.”
He asked the Afghan government and lawmakers to support ANDSF clearly and must not let them alone in the battlefield without support against Taliban.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.