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“Kabul could be without jewel but not without snow”

As it said, snow is the most important temporary storehouse for winter precipitation. When snows melt, during days, weeks or even months, their waters fill rivers and lakes which can be used to irrigate agricultural lands and trees that help fertility of products, irrigate bushes and forests which can help greenery and prevention of pollution and generate electricity that helps strengthen the operation of factories and plants in the country. Most importantly the snow water can replenishes groundwater reserves, which can be essential for continued drinking water supply and agriculture. Snow, as a temporary storehouse, if reserved in the catchment zones of the country, would help underground water resources get enriched. However, critical flood situations can arise when high melt rates combine with heavy rain during its seasons. Digging ditches across the mountainous areas, can contribute to the underground waters enrichment, which can gradually be used gradually for the irrigation of lands, when rain season ends. Beautiful greenery, as forests get snowpack melted gradually over the mountainous areas, can happen and pollution can be fought throughout major cities with heavy pollution, such as the country’s capital Kabul, Mazar-e-Sharif, Kandahar, Herat and the like. As recently the country’s capital Kabul and other major cities of the country have faced years of harsh droughts that has caused scarcity of underground waters, the hardworking personnel of the Kabul Municipality have made the best initiative to clean the snow in the roads, streets, sidewalks and the areas near the public structures and transfer them to the absorbable areas for helping the groundwater resources enriched. It has also started a campaign relating to cleaning the trees’ branches from snow everywhere in the capital to help thousands of trees remain safe from the breaking of heavy snow loads. The entire citizens of the country, particularly the capital Kabul, who are familiar with the old proverb – “Kabul can be without jewel but not without snow – are advised not to throw the snow [when cleaning the roofs of their houses] in the public areas or at the roads, as it may cause traffic to face problems. They have to collect the snow around their trees, and saplings as well as keep them inside their yards, where it can melt gradually. The Islamic Emirate’s related organs have long tried their best to collect snow and gather it in absorbable areas or dig ditches along and around the hills and mountains to reserve waters for the enrichment of underground water resources.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.