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Kabul air pollution reduced by 60 percent, officials

Kabul seems misty and dusty. Those who are sensitive more making effort to commute on the streets of Kabul city lesser than others and a number of others fearlessly continue their daily life and every day leave their houses for their duty.
In such a state, the environment protection administration says that this administration provided mobile units to fix the air quality that based on the same, the level of air pollution of the cities can be evaluated in some extent.
Head of control and inspection of environment protection administration, Nek Mohammad says that the level of pollution and suspended particles in the air was from 200 to 600 microgram in one cubic meter.
According to him, comparing previous years, this figure shows an eye-catching reduction from 50 pc till 60 pc.
Nek Mohammad added that the present standard of suspended particles in Afghanistan is 100 and 50 microgram that considering this the results gained this year is not satisfactory.
He recommended that for reduction of air pollution,s efforts should be done in various dimensions that promote this level.
At the same time, head of press office of environment protection administration, Laila Samani in connection with programs this administration has in its hand for reduction of air pollution said that they want from all government organs for warming of their offices within winter to use gas and electricity.
Those who are working in open air from dawn till evening, they suffer more from air pollution.
Previously too, this administration had proclaimed that it prepared a plan for reduction of air pollution during winter that with collaboration with other organs the plan would be implemented.
Laila Samani added that holding of awareness program for people in connection with using of clean fuels in government administrations, supervision from transport vehicles and management of traffic jams, keeping constraint the price of liquid gas, maintaining of sustainable electricity and prevention from burning of unusable mobile oil in winter are the issues that considered in this plan.
Ms. Samani elucidated that this administration via it’s a giving awareness programs informed people to use filter within warming of their houses by wood and coal mines.
Previously, the environment protection administration had said that further accumulation of population, using of smoke-producing fuels, low quality fuels, shortage of green areas as well as lack of canalization are the problems cause air pollution in Kabul city.
This is in a time that annually, because of high level of air pollution in this city, hundreds people affected to respiratory problems and other fatal diseases.
Lack of sustainable energy, the reason behind increment of air pollution:
The Kabul municipality says that as the Kabul citizens use smoke-producing fuels within winter this causes the enhancement of air pollution in the city.
The incharges concerned in the municipality say that lack of sustainable energy caused people to face with air pollution problem.
The spokesman of Kabul municipality, Jalil Sultani says that because of non-access of people to gas and electricity they didn’t prevent people from using of smoke-producing fuels in some regions.
The spokesman of Kabul municipality lays emphasize that this institution would not permit the situation of air pollution in Kabul city to be out of control.
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