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Kabul, a city with highest rate of crimes

Rate of crimes in Kabul is concerning. Murder, kidnapping, armed robberies, vehicles’ or houses stealing have always been at the lead of news. According to available reports, in the last two days, at least several murders took place in relevant areas of PD-8 PD-13 and PD-18.
Zabihullah a security official in Rishkhor area was murdered at a time that his family told media that he had neither personnel enmity with anybody nor had membership of any political party.
In people opinion, the criminal bands who usually perpetrate organized crimes, are not the only factors behind insecurity and crimes but the list of criminals of these crimes is much longer than the ever. Diverse social, economic, cultural factors are usually involved in these events. For instance family hostility, existence of corruption in different dimensions in departments, expansion of culture of impunity from punishment as social factors. Screening of polices and criminals movies as cultural factors and expanding poverty as economic factor are behind these events in the cities including the capital city. Existence of countless arms with irresponsible people, easy access of individuals to weapons, supports of powerful people and law breakers from criminals are the main reasons behind these crimes. All these have caused these criminals to violate laws and commit murder or other crimes without fear or concern. Therefore, the citizens call the capital city of Kabul as the city with highest rate of crimes and criminal activities.
Kabul City Police (KCP) also confirms that crimes occur in this city but claims that efforts have also intensified to prevent them. Addressing the media, spokesman of KCP Ferdows Framorz said, in the last five months, over fifteen bands of organized crimes have been dismantled as now individual criminals commit crimes. We try to identify and arrest them crimes still exist and people concern is visible. We try to remove people concern and improve security situation.
KCP spokesman Framorz adds, in order to prevent crimes in unplanned areas of the city, security officials have been deployed on different times.
Welcoming continued efforts of KCP for improving security of city, trapping of criminals, dismantling of criminal gangs and arrest of criminal, Kabul citizens called insufficient KCP achievements and request further effective measures, the measures that could minimize rate of crimes and promote safety rate of people to its highest possible grade.
People expect that with coordination of ANSDF in the direction of uprooting of corruption in government departments, concluding the culture of impunity from punishment, support of powerful people from criminals, collecting of weapons from irresponsible people and fighting against socio, economic, cultural factors of crimes, essential and effective measures should be adopted and implemented.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.