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Journalists worldwide discuss post-COVID era, climate change

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Attending an annual World Journalists Conference 2021, held in Seoul, on Monday, journalists from Korea and around the world discussed issues on post-COVID era and climate changes.
Over 60 journalists from 50 world countries participated in the virtual conference, besides sharing visions about COVID-19 and the post era of the virus, spoke about the global warming and what the journalism can do to overcome the negative consequences, the climate changes leave.
The online conference took three days; from Sunday to Tuesday, to end with both COVID era and climate changes as top agenda.
Journalists Association of Korea (JAK) hosted the most warmly attended media event.
Due to harsh COVID-19 pandemic outbreak the event, which has been held since 2013, was held online for the second consecutive year, talking about various themes relating to media and how to step up with strategies and plans about the global issues.
Journalists including those of the Koreans spoke about this year’s even under the themes of “Post-COVID-19 Era”, as vaccines are developed and “Global Climate Issues” and the role of journalism on how to help overcome the crisis.
The first day of the conference was a discussion among journalists on what journalists could do in the post-COVID-19 era, with 26 speakers sharing their post-COVID pandemic scenarios in their countries insisting the need for the media role of delivering the truth.
Prime Minister Chung Sye-kyun delivering a congratulatory video message to the participating journalists.
“The conference provides a meaningful and valuable opportunity for the international community to find the role of the media in addressing important matters in times of uncertainty,” said the prime minister.
“As you may well know, COVID-19 has brought about a huge change around the world in the most painful way. The pace of change has accelerated and its range has expanded greatly. Indeed, an era of great transformation with maximized uncertainty has dawned,” said the Prime Minister adding climate change was the very issue where such changes and uncertainties are concentrated.
“This problem can never be solved by the efforts of a single country. Based on solidarity and cooperation, all countries should put their heads together across national borders in order to find solutions,” said Mr. Chung.
He also stressed the media’s role of delivering the truth and noted that they were facing a new world where anyone can easily produce, distribute and consume information, in line with the development of digital technology. “As people’s thirst for the truth becomes more unquenchable, the value of journalism becomes even more invaluable.”
The second day of the conference was addressed by 22 speakers, including
The Kabul Times Editor – in- Chief, Fathulbari Akhgar discussing the international community’s joint responses to the global climate issues and the role of journalism.

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