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Journalists’ rights should not be traded, Hammad

KABUL: Director of Publications of the Ministry of Information and Culture, Mawlavi Abdul Haq Hammad said that some media-supporting organizations receive significant amounts of money in the name of journalists but do not use the funds appropriately.
Speaking in a meeting held by Afghanistan’s Journalists Organization and Media Federation to find ways for the improvement of the media and nation, Hammad asked media-supporting institutions to distribute the money collected in the name of journalists in a transparent.
Hammad warned if the entities supporting media were not brought under one umbrella and the rights of journalists continued to be violated, the government will cancel all these institutions.
“Either you all get united or we dissolve all and establish new organizations so that the rights of journalists are not misused and all collusions in this area are stopped,” the official warned.
The projects and funding must transparently be received by all deserved journalists publicly in front of the camera, Hammad reiterated.
Meanwhile, the Journalists Organizations and Media Federation of Afghanistan said that there has now more access to information than in the past.
“Access to information has increased in the second half of 2022 and the spokespersons for government agencies are providing more information to media,” said Taj Mohammad Ahmadzai, head of Afghanistan’s Journalist Organizations and Media Federation.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.