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Jordan army air defense radar detects suspicious aerial activity near Syria border

The  Jordanian  army  said  on Monday its air defense radar system had detected suspicious aerial movements from an unknown source along the border with Syria,  which  a  regional  security source  said  were  most  probably missiles fired by pro-Iranian militias from Iraq. Jets believed to be Jordanian had been heard hovering over the Jordanian city of Irbid and areas near the border crossing with Syria, witnesses said. The  army  said  an  air  force squadron had flown to ensure the airspace was not under any threat. It  did  not  say  from  where  the movements came. “The airforce responded to an alert of radar systems that monitored  aerial  movements  whose source  is  not  known,” the  army statement said. Last January three US service members were killed and as many as 34 wounded after a drone attack on a US outpost in Jordan that Washington linked to Iranian-backed militants. Jordan  has requested Patriot air  defense  systems  from Washington saying it fears being caught in the crossfire if the war in Gaza pulls in  Iran  and  its  well-armed regional militias on the kingdom’s borders. alarabiya

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.