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Joint security cooperation main goal behind Mohib’s Moscow visit

By: Lailuma Noori

KABUL: The Afghan National Security Adviser Hamdullah Mohib visited Moscow and met his Russian counterpart Nicholai Patrushev. According to NSC statement, both sides during this meeting emphasized on emergency ceasefire, peace talks, end of war  and existence of an independent, sovereign and self-sufficient Afghanistan.
Both sides said that increasing insecurities in the north could jeopardize Afghanistan, Russia and central Asia with threat.  Meanwhile, other issues discussed in the meeting included perspectives of increasing cooperation on peace, security, war on terror, and drug trafficking as well as increasing cooperation between the two sides.
Whether Russia eyeing closing ties with Afghanistan? Some Afghans consider Mohib’s visit as a positive step. Apparently, today’s situation of Afghanistan is not much different with 1990s. Taliban are operating near the border regions of Central Asia while Tajikistan and Uzbekistan are strongly concerned about security of their territory, in particular those areas border with Afghanistan.
This time Central Asian governments have a different policy toward Taliban. They are in favor of a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan, even in case of a failed peace process in the war-torn country, they want to prevent regional instability by domestic extremists in Central Asia.
The reasons caused Russia’s concern includes withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan that increases concentration of terror groups near its southern borders. According to experts, retaking over of power by Taliban would considerably radicalize the region. This danger exists that extremists would not stop there and would try to attract neighboring countries around their pivot, including Central Asia Republics, the allies of Russia in CSTO.
If one of the CSTO members are attacked by terrorists, based on CSTO commitments, Russia have to react immediately.
Most of ISIS militants who have been defeated in the Middle East, have been stand in Afghanistan. They generally never recognize borders among countries. In the wake of US-NATO withdrawal from Afghanistan a strong wave of mafia and drug trafficking invade Afghanistan and increase drugs and weapons smuggling.
Serge Strokan a Russia analyst said, following the failure of peace efforts, Taliban sparing no efforts to take power. Touching recent terror attacks in Afghanistan that resulted in killing or injuring large number of alien citizens, the analyst said, “post-withdrawal security challenges in Afghanistan are serious threat to Moscow”.
According to Andre Sirinko, director of Analysis center, Association of Russia Political Experts, said that any change in Afghanistan situation following NATO and US troops withdrawal is a serious threat to Moscow.
The Afghan government believes that the regional countries should help it in war on terror and drug trafficking and don’t let Afghanistan alone to fight these phenomena.
At the moment, there is an opportunity for Russia to play a certain political role in the region. Stability in Afghanistan could play key role in stability of the central Asia Republics and Russia while instability in Afghanistan could send shocking waves of insecurity towards central Asia and Russia mainland with unpredictable consequences.
Prevention is cheaper than treatment. It is better to start prevention of any possible threats in Afghanistan.
Russia had already expressed concern over increasing insecurities in northern Afghanistan. The goal behind NSA Mohib was joint security cooperation to tackle those security challenges.


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