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Joint continued meetings address challenges

The policy of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is based on a balanced and independent approach, that avoids entanglement in global and regional rivalries. The Islamic Emirate has frequently persisted on dialogue and talks with the international community and regional and world countries. Besides this, the Islamic Emirate will pursue opportunities for shared interests and peaceful coexistence, based on mutual interests to pave the way for the international trade transactions with the neighboring, regional and world countries. As a committed and united system, the Islamic Emirate has always tried to strengthen its relations with the neighboring and world countries. Some regional and international meetings are held without the participation of the Islamic Emirate representatives which is not productive and will create mistrust among the nations. Because the meetings that had no achievements so far will also be futile in the future. Every meeting without the presence of the Islamic Emirate’s envoy will not be effective and helpful. The Islamic Emirate has always said that the best way to overcome challenges and address the concerns the people of Afghanistan are facing with, is face-to-face talks, as the Islamic Emirate has assured that it can address any concern that some countries use as an excuse and pressure through direct bilateral talks. After the takeover of the country, the IEA has ensured countrywide security and eye-catchingly decreased the level of corruption. There are representatives of every tribe and province in the Islamic system structure, drugs, and crimes decreased to zero. In the Islamic system, there is no place for ethnic, linguistic and other discriminations. It should be noted that all obstacles to trade and transactions with neighbors at the world and regional level have been removed and the way for good neighborliness has been paved. But the enemies of the IEA are not willing the incumbent system to strengthen its relations with other countries. As a free and independent country, the Islamic Emirate has always continued its efforts to establish mutual relations with its neighbors. The acting Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate Mawlavi Amir Khan Muttaqi at the head of a state delegation visited Pakistan and participated in a tripartite meeting of foreign ministers including China and Pakistan in Islamabad. During his trip to Pakistan Muttaqi held meetings with his Chinese and Pakistani counterparts, officials, and scholars. IEA has expanded its diplomatic relations with some regional countries. Also, some countries have agreed to continue their relations with the Islamic Emirate and discuss ways that will lead to the development of mutual relations. By passing each passing day, the evil plots of the enemies of the country and people are being foiled and the Islamic Emirate establish relations with the world as a peaceful country. It is expected that the tripartite meetings between the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate and his Chinese and Pakistani counterparts could find a permanent solution to the ongoing political challenges. The Islamic Emirate not only wants to develop good relations with Pakistan and China, but also has left its door open for a fair mutual interests with the international community. Countries with security concerns should share their information with the officials of the Islamic Emirate so that a solution to be found to the rising concerns

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.