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Israel’s Netanyahu slams reported US plan to blacklist Netzah Yehuda military unit

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu condemned a reported US plan to sanction an ultra-Orthodox army battalion over human rights abuses in the West Bank, a move which could fuel tensions over Israel’s war against Hamas in Gaza. “At a time when our soldiers are fighting terrorist monsters, the intention to sanction a unit in the IDF is the height of absurdity and a moral low,” Netanyahu wrote on X, referring to the Israel Defense Forces. The US is expected within days to announce the punitive measure, which would be the first time the US sanctions an Israeli army unit, Axios reported on Saturday, citing three people with knowledge of the matter in the US that it didn’t identify. The US Embassy in Israel declined to comment. Blacklisting the Netzah Yehuda Battalion would prohibit it from receiving US military equipment or training. It’s been accused of mistreating Palestinians, including in an incident in January 2022 when an elderly US-Palestinian man, Omar Assad, was found dead after his detention by members of the unit in the West Bank. US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Friday said he will reveal “in the days ahead” his determinations on whether specific Israeli military or police units are liable to be sanctioned under the so-called Leahy Law, which bars military assistance to other countries’ security forces that violate human rights. Netanyahu has clashed repeatedly with President Joe Biden’s administration over its pressure to do more to protect civilians and work toward a humanitarian cease-fire in Gaza. He praised the US House passing a $26 billion aid bill for Israel on Saturday that includes both support for missile defenses and humanitarian help in Gaza, saying on X that it shows “strong bipartisan support for Israel.” Alarabiya

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.