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Israel’s continued brutal attacks on Palestinians in Gaza

Just 14 years ago, in the month of December 2008, the Muslims of Gaza were under the cruel attacks of the Zionist Israeli regime for 23 consecutive days. The world used to watch the brutal attacks of the Israeli regime in those days. Today, Palestinian children are brutally martyred by Israel, and the world is just watching. At that time, the Israelis also stopped their attacks on Palestine without any victory, except they martyred the innocent Palestinian children, women and elderly in the Gaza Strip. Today, they also martyred over 13,000 Palestinians but nobody hears them. We also saw in the newspapers of that time that they used to write: “Despite the Israeli military’s control of Gaza, they are willing to go for a ceasefire, but the mujahideen of Hamas announce shortly that they will continue to attack the occupying Israeli military in Gaza as long as they remain in Gaza. Today, the prisoners of the defeated enemy Israel are imprisoned in prison with Hamas and they are talking about a ceasefire and exchange of prisoners”. Those days, Israel also bombed the United Nations school in Gaza, martyring 6 children, but the United Nations remained silent and did not react. This time, the Israelis attacked the United Nations school as well, martyring up to 200 innocent children, but the United Nations remained silent this time as it used to do in the past. Those days, the Israeli regime’s attacks martyred 1,300 people, wounded 5,500, and looted and destroyed more than 20,000 residential areas, which just caused a human catastrophe, and turned mosques, madrassas, schools, and hospitals into ruins. Yehud Olmert, the then prime minister of Israel had said in his speeches: “Israel’s goal in Gaza has been fulfilled.” The story is the same today as schools, madrassas, mosques and hospitals are bombed, and the doctors of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza were threatened and asked to leave the hospital. All those injured in the Israeli attacks died in the parking lots of the hospital due to lack of medicines. Today, the so-called Israeli President Netanyahu’s dream still has not come true as he’s still thirsty in martyring more Palestinian children. The international organizations and media are all silent about the Israelis brutal attacks on the Gaza Strip. This time Israel’s attacks on Gaza are more serious as until now, despite the martyrdom of thousands of people, injuries and numerous casualties, the Israelis are still continuing their brutal attacks on Gaza. The U.S. and its allies have not opened their mouths against Israel until today. Also, all the so-called human rights defenders and institutions are still silent and saying nothing against the Israeli regime and its brutal attacks on the Gaza. Those speaking against Muslims and Islamic governments have kept silent and said nothing against the Zionist Israeli regime. The Arab world and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) did nothing so far. Despite the fact that the Israelis are afraid of war and fighting, they are bombing Muslims. On the other hand, the Muslims who had turned war, jihad, zeal, bravery, swords, and guns into their hobby have failed to defend. Undoubtedly, in such situations, the path of the Palestinian youths should be followed, and the Muslims of the world should learn from the courage, enthusiasm, passion and courage of the Palestinian youth. Sorry for the weakness of Muslims, but I say: Bravo to the brave mujahid people of Palestine!! It was the Palestinian youth who fought hard against the Israeli invaders. Despite the lack of military equipment, they stood up against the enemy. It can be said that the Palestinian mujahideen are fighting with their firm determination, courage, pride and bravery and crushed Israel’s tyrannical strength and power to dust. I swear if Muslims follow their history, they will soon succeed. Mohammad Yaqub Nayel

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.