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Islamic world should recognize IEA, Islamic scholars’ statement

The two-day meeting of Islamic scholars in Turkey ended today with the issuance of an 18-point resolution.
In the declaration, the responsibilities of the ulama and government of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has been specifically mentioned, which should be given full attention.
The resolution states: “The Islamic world needs qualified and capable scholars to become a model of leadership for the Islamic Ummah, so if our scholars to be responsive and effective to the demands of today’s world and become familiar with spiritual, intellectual and new technologies they must receive the necessary training in special Islamic training centers; so they can not only refrain the Muslim Ummah from intellectual deviation but also play the role of leadership for the Muslim Ummah. In the  declaration, it is stated that the scholars should strictly prevent the stench of racism and nationalism and not allow this evil phenomenon of Westerners to grow in the Islamic society.
In the resolution, the victory of the Islamic Emirate against the “infidel world” has been termed as “pride” for the entire Ummah addding that ”The scholars have the responsibility to strengthen the relations of the new government of Afghanistan with the Islamic world in the political, economic and cultural fields as well as encourage the leaders of the Islamic countries to recognize the Islamic Emirate.”
The declaration says: Since the Islamic Emirate has come to power in Afghanistan in a difficult economic situation, until it became stable, the scholars of the Islamic world should take necessary steps as an important duty to guide the Muslims of the world.
In the resolution, the scholars of the Islamic world are stressed to prevent all kinds of corruption in the Islamic society and to use the opportunities to prevent their people from the evil ways.
In the resolution, women’s freedom has been mentioned as a conspiracy of the West and it says that technology and modernization should not be the reason for new generation’s religious deviation. It is worth noting that this meeting was attended by Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mufti Mohammad Akbar Azimi, the head of the first department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Waliullah Shaheen. On the part of Afghanistan, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, Zabihullah Mujahid, spoke in detail; and encouraged the scholars of the Islamic world to unity and breifed to the participants about Afghanistan. BNA

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