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Islamic system guarantees peaceful life

The Islamic system’s rules and laws under which, the welfare and tranquility of Muslims are secured, even the holy religion guarantees a peaceful life for non-Muslim individuals who live in a country with the Islamic rules. The implementation of Islamic sharia not only leads to prosperity, security and development in the worldly life of human beings but also benefits the life of human beings after death and among these provisions are the criminal laws of Islam, which we know by the names of retribution, Hudud and other principles. By applying these laws, social justice and security are created and they also play a very effective role in preventing crimes. An important goal and wisdom of the implementation of Hudud (limits) and Qisas (retribution) is to protect basic human rights and their lives, honor and property. For instance, the Hudud of apostasy is to protect the religion, Qisas (retribution) to protect oneself, the limits of drinking alcohol are to protect the intellect and wisdom, the limits of adultery to protect the race and generation and the limits for theft is to protect property. Another goal and wisdom is that by applying Qisas and limits, society is protected from the destruction of the heavy and deadly storm of crimes. The example of people who commit social crimes in society is like a germ, if it becomes infectious in one organ, then it affects other parts of the body and the healthcare workers cut it to save the rest of the human body. Another goal of implementing the Islamic order of retribution is to eliminate the vicious problem of murdering one another from the human being and to prevent internal enmity and civil wars, which results in global peace and stability. Because, if the order of retribution is applied, then the murderer calls the murder of another as his own murder and thus all lives are saved. As it has come in the holy Quran, the reformation of the criminal is also the wisdom and benefit of applying sharia criminal laws, in such a way that he/she is turned away from crimes for the future by seeing the pain and punishment. The creation of justice and fairness is also the result of applying these Sharia rules, like what if someone has taken the life of another without any Sharia justification, his/her life will also be taken in order to ensure justice. Muslims should look at the rule and governance of Sharia limits from the perspective of Islamic teachings and should not be influenced by the negative propaganda of Western media and organizations in this regard, we will have a stable and prosperous society.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.