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Islamic system and prosperous society

The main aim of the Islamic Sharia rules and laws is to promote the well-being of individuals and society as a whole. The implementation of the Islamic rules not only leads to prosperity, security, and development in this world but also ensures the benefits and rewards in the humans in the hereinafter. Through the implementation of these laws, social justice and security are established, and they play an effective role in preventing crimes. An important objective and rationale behind the enforcement of limits (Hudood) and retribution (Qisas) is to safeguard fundamental human rights, including the rights to freedom, personal safety, intellectual pursuits, racial equality, honor, and property ownership. Indeed, specific Hudood and punishments in Islamic law serve to protect various aspects of human rights. For example, every crime such as retribution, apostasy, honor, drinking alcohol, robbery, fornication, etc.., has its own limits. Another important goal and reason behind the enforcement of Qisas and limits is to protect society from the devastating impact of rampant and severe crimes. The people who commit crimes in society is like germs and if an organ becomes cancerous, then it affects other parts of the body, and the doctors cut the ailing and affected part in order to save the rest of the body. Applying appropriate legal measures such as punishment and rehabilitation aims to address criminal behavior and preserve the welfare of the larger community. The goal is to isolate and deal with harmful elements in society in order to maintain the overall health and stability of society. Another goal behind retribution enforcement is to eliminate the great problem of killing each other, to prevent civil wars and enmity, which will result in global peace and stability, because if the Qisas rule is applied, then the killer calls the murder of the other a selfmurder, and with this, the lives of all are saved. The reformation of the criminal is also the wisdom and benefit of applying Sharia criminal laws, in such a way that he is turned away from crimes for the future by seeing the pain and punishment One of the wisdom and benefits of applying Sharia on criminals is to turn them away from committing further crimes, by witnessing pain and punishment. Also, by applying Sharia laws justice and equality are implemented in the society. Muslims are encouraged to look at the application of Sharia limits from the perspective of Islamic teachings. In this regard, no one and no organization will be affected. If the Sharia laws are implemented in society justice, mercy, and compassion will be applied and crimes will be eradicated.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.