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Islamic Emirate’s representative attends Belt and Road Forum in China

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has attended the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation held on Oct 17-18, marking a significant development in the international engagement of Afghanistan’s new rulers. The Islamic Emirate’s presence at the Belt and Road Forum is a clear indicator of the deepen ing official relations between the IEA and China and signals a willingness on both sides to engage in matters of mutual interest. It is worth noting that while the IEA has participated in regional gatherings related to Afghanistan, its inclusion in such a prominent multilateral summit is unprecedented. The Belt and Road Forum held in Beijing, celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ambitious global initiative that aims to boost international trade and connectivity. Nooruddin Azizi, acting Minister for Industry and Commerce represented Afghanistan at the forum. His presence signifies the IEA’s eagerness to explore economic opportunities, even as the nation grapples with the challenges of governance and international recognition. One key point of discussion is expected to center on the proposed construction of a road through the Wakhan corridor, a mountainous region in northern Afghanistan that would provide a direct connection to China. It has the potential to boost Afghanistan’s economy and infrastructure. Notably, this collaboration extends beyond Afghanistan and China. Officials from China, the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan have expressed their desire to incorporate Afghanistan into the Belt and Road initiative. They envision the extension of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor into Afghanistan, which could create economic opportunities and improve connectivity in the region. Afghanistan’s involvement in the Belt and Road initiative is a welcoming step which will make its bond with major regional players stronger and more productive.

By Kaswar Klasra

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.