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Islamic Emirate’s relations widening with world

It has been nearly three years since the twenty years of Jihad of the Afghan nation under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate to successfully put an end to the occupation. A centralized and powerful Islamic system has now come to power, soon after fleeing corrupts, usurpers and burglars. Although despite all these achievements, the Islamic Emirate has not been officially recognized. However, in addition to the wide support and numerous achievements internally, it has also taken effective steps towards interaction with the international community and is still trying to strengthen these relations. The Islamic Emirate has diplomatic and political relations with many countries of the region. The embassies and political missions of many world countries are open in our country and the political missions of Afghanistan, in many other countries, have been handed over to the Islamic Emirate. Considering these developments, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov insisted on the development of relations with the Islamic Emirate and added that the Islamic system was the only power and responsible direction in Afghanistan. Kazakh President also removed the Islamic Emirate from the list of banned organizations and added that his country was committed to developing relations with the Islamic Emirate. The world and especially the regional countries have now come to the conclusion that they should look at relations with Afghanistan from the perspective of their own interests and not pay much attention to the orders of the West and America in this regard. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has a very clear policy in terms of relations with the world and has clearly said that it wants good relations with all world countries on the basis of religious and national interests. This is not correct that some so-called political experts believe that the Islamic Emirate has forced many countries to interact and restore relations based on its economy-oriented policy and geographical location of Afghanistan, as this has happened based on the soft foreign policy and high achievements of the Islamic system in Afghanistan, after its power resumption. But the development of relations has a two-sided dimension and cannot be ensured by one side and it can reach a good result when other parties also fulfill their responsibilities. Now that the West is creating problems in the expansion of relations with the Islamic Emirate, it is important for the Islamic Emirate to give priority to the development of relations with Asian countries, especially the regional ones. It will pave the way for further development of relations, but Afghanistan will also be saved from the unfair demands and political pressures of the West

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.