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Islamic Emirate’s relation expanding with world

Relations between the Islamic Emirate and the world have expanded since nearly two and a half years of takeover of power and restoring full control over the entire geography of Afghanistan and the end of the terrible occupation of foreign invaders. The country obtained a new independent Afghan government and it has faithfully provided services to its countrymen in various fields. They are working tirelessly for the welfare and development of the country. Under a central and powerful Islamic system, bloody wars have ended, security and stability have been established, and corruption, usurpation and looting prevented. But despite all these achievements, the new Afghan government under the leadership of the Islamic Emirate has not been officially recognized. Officials of the Islamic Emirate say that efforts are being made to develop relations with the world, and many countries of the world have also understood that strengthening diplomatic relations and having strong positive engagement with Afghanistan is beneficial. Following the development of relations with the world, last week the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan, Bakhtiar Saidov, visited Kabul on an official visit. He praised the efforts of the Islamic Emirate and pledged that his country is ready to accept the ambassador of the Islamic Emirate and this will be done soon. At the same time, political experts also believed that Afghanistan’s relations with regional countries are developing, because Afghanistan at the focal point of regional countries, as these countries want to cooperate with Afghanistan in various fields. Currently, some Afghan embassies based in China, Pakistan, Russia, Iran and Turkmenistan as well as a number of diplomatic missions, have also been handed over to the Islamic Emirate’s deplomates and recently, a meeting of the representatives of regional countries have been convened in Kabul. The ruling Islamic system has a fair strategy to normalize relations with the regional countries. The world and especially the countries of the region have now come to the conclusion that relations with the Islamic Emirate are in their favor. But, it should not be enough, rather the government should multiply its efforts in this area and in the light of Islamic and national values, it should show flexibility regarding international demands. Bushra Parnian

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.