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Islamic Emirate, world opening new chapter of relations

After the Islamic Emirate took power, Afghanistan restored broad policy on economic relations with the world based on its religious and national values. However, the international community, particularly, the U.S. did not take significant steps in terms of relations with the Islamic Emirate. Recently, some countries have come to the conclusion that they look at relations with Afghanistan from the angle of their interests and ignore the demands of the malicious countries in this regard. In a positive engagement and a helpful plan, Kazakhstan decided to remove the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan from its list of banned groups. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate welcomed and praised the decision of the friendly Kazakh country and thanked the authorities of this country for taking practical steps to remove the existing obstacles in relations with Afghanistan. The government of Kazakhstan had earlier decided to accept the diplomats appointed by the Islamic Emirate in the Afghan embassy based in that country. The government of Azerbaijan has also decided to reopen its embassy in Kabul in 2024 and expand political and economic relations with the new government of Afghanistan. Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan, considering the realities of Afghanistan, have become interested in developing relations with the Islamic Emirate at a time when the Islamic Emirate has made significant progress in various fields despite the international pressure in the past two years and this series is still going on. As the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Emirate stated, Afghanistan, under the leadership of the Islamic system and based on its foreign policy, will never interfere in other countries’ internal affairs nor it allow other countries to interfere in its affairs. So, any malicious groups who are still opposing the Islamic system, should know that neither armed opposition nor political one, will help them reach their targets and the only solution is to reintegrate into the brave Afghan nation, take part in the reconstruction of their country and live a normal life alongside their Afghan brothers, otherwise, the forces of the Islamic Emirate will pursue them until the last individual and bring them to the law.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.