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Islamic Emirate to implement major infrastructural projects

Countries and nations can stand on their feet when most of the needs of life can be addressed at home. Besides, they have food safety, and energy and their production level are several times higher than importing. After the IEA takeover, the Islamic Emirate with the hope of making the country self-sufficient and free from dependency on others started implementing major and important infrastructural projects at the country level. Days back, officials of the National Development Corporation (NDC) in a news conference reported to the media about the NDC’s works and activities of the past year. According to the deputy of finance and administrative for NDC, the National Development Corporation had planned to implement 93 projects including the construction of dams, canals and public infrastructures as a result of which construction work on 83 projects has been completed and work on the remaining projects are underway. Meanwhile, the NDC official by pointing to one of the major and national infrastructural projects, which is the Qush Tepa Canal project, said that 72 percent of work on the first phase of the canal and 92 percent of work on Qala-e-Afzal and Torko canals of Kamal Khan Dam have been completed. According to the NDC officials, the country’s National Development Corporation, along with relevant organs, is planning to resume work on 72 projects that have remained incomplete due to the political changes in the country. With the completion of the respective major and national projects in the country, the people of Afghanistan will see a significant and positive change in their life. This will also help Afghanistan reach self-sufficiency in various fields such as the production of food and energy and water. Besides, Afghanistan will gradually change from an importing to an exporting country. Continued water management and implementation of major and national projects as well as the construction of major water dams in the country can change Afghanistan to a rich country in terms of production and energy. To summarize, it is a good opportunity for the Islamic Emirate to go ahead with reconstruction programs and working to change Afghanistan into a self-sufficient country. It is time that both the people of Afghanistan and the Islamic Emirate work together and make efforts toward building the country. Abu Sufia

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.