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Islamic Emirate should provide a fair education environment for future generations

It is clear that the Holy Book of Allah orders for learning and this is why learning is important in human life. This fact is now evident and proven to the whole world like the sun and this is the reason why powerful countries want to achieve the above goals through education and knowledge. In addition, in order to increase their influence around the world to subjugate countries and to rely on the wealth of others, they build schools, prepare curriculum, books, accessories, train teachers, have relations with universities and generally give scholarships to students in law, administration, politics, society, history, literature, arts and other ineffective departments. If we evaluate the situation of the Islamic world for the past century, it is clear that all the Western and Eastern leaders, mostly through their trained puppet regimes, have caused the biggest problems to Muslims in regard to their own commonplace curriculum, they wanted to impose on the Islamic countries. Similar negative curriculum, even if has been done inside an Islamic country, the result will definitely be the same as that which has been seen in western countries. Also it is assumed that most of the people who have been trained and educated in foreign countries are trying to implement such curriculums and take action according to their agenda; for example, when some young people from our country were sent to Russia or other former Soviet republics, most of them turned to communism and then they joined hands to implement the same idea in their own country. Similarly, those who went to other European countries and the United States, as soon as they returned, they started working for democracy. If you think about it well, the last years of King Zahir Khan’s era, which is called the decade of democracy, were actually the first fields of foreign ideas and these past forty-three years were spent in riots and chaos, due to the efforts of these foreign-trained students. So, let us join hands with the Islamic Emirate-related organs to work for a fair and sound Islamic curriculum for Afghan Muslim students and avoid and prevent any foreign commonplace education methods and culture from being imported into our country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.