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Islamic Emirate seeking strong interaction with world

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has long announced that it wanted good and expanded relations with the world, particularly the Islamic nations. Following inaccurate assertions and reports of some countries about Afghanistan under the Islamic Emirate, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate said that it never wanted to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries and never allow others to interfere in the country’s affairs, but was impatiently waiting for a strong relationship and developed interaction with the world based on the Islamic laws. Recently, many world and Islamic countries’ authorities visited Afghanistan, discussing key issues concerning mutual relations with the Islamic Emirate, with the country’s authorities persisting on the expansion of relations with the world but in a way that do not meddle in the internal affairs. In a meeting with the Malaysian delegation, the Islamic Emirate’s Minister of Interior Affairs, Khalifa Sirajuddin Haqqani, expressed hope for further expansion of relations with the world and assured the visiting delegation of countrywide security. Considering all commonalities with the Islamic nations and ensuring good relations with the whole world countries, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate has long assured that Afghanistan would never be used against them nor any terrorist activities would be allowed to disturb the security of the country or use Afghanistan soil against other nations. But, unfortunately, some malicious countries want to defame the Islamic system and claim that Afghanistan has fought insurgencies and terrorist groups along its borders with the neighboring countries. The countries which claim their insecurity has emerged from Afghanistan, should deeply investigate into their own borders and judge whether they are secure or have become hideouts and training centers for their own dissident groups. They should take a look at their own soil and find whether there is their own failure in maintaining the security of their country or this is really Afghanistan that is behind their insecurity. This is why political and economic relations and strong interaction are expanding between the Islamic Emirate and the world countries. Any country has the responsibility of their own countries’ security and no one has the right to blame others for their own failure. So, the international community should not seek excuses anymore and do its best to deal politically and economically with the Islamic Emirate and most importantly, cooperate with the current system in the release of billions of U.S. dollars in Afghanistan’s assets.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.