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Islamic Emirate provides practical supports to private sector, Deputy PM Beradar

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has taken concrete steps to encourage businesses, and more efforts are being made in this regard.
The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has taken concrete steps to support traders, investors and the private sector in general by implementing an economic-oriented strategy the Islamic Emirate has given priority to the production of goods while also offering facilities and business opportunities to investors, small business owners and manufacturers they are making an effort to bring about economic stability and lower the rate of poverty in this way.
At its last meeting, the economic commission approved that the embarrassment of the company guarantees and presented the issue to the cabinet, subsequently the relevant organs were given the job of caring out the next steps in accordance with the material put up in this respect.
Similarly, in order to entice business people and investors and open the door for investment in Afghanistan, Amir-Al-Mu’minin exempted the business people from the tax penalties.
Likewise, representatives of the private sector participated in the meeting of the economic commission of the Islamic Emirate to solve their problems by sharing them with the leadership of the economic commission.
Similar to this, a meeting waiver of tax penalties, Supporting Industry and Trade earlier this week Mullah Abdul Ghani Beradar Akhund assured Afghan industrialists and businessmen that the Islamic Emirate is trying its best to find fundamental solutions to their problems and facilitate investment and trade.
Afghanistan has excellent potential for investment in mining, agriculture, energy and manufacturing the Islamic Emirate has ensured complete security in the country enabling both domestic and foreign investors to invest in the aforementioned sectors.
To promote local investment the Islamic Emirate has focused more on the manufacturing industry than on trade the path has been cleared for the construction of industrial factories and businessmen can now do so, in order to take the country from an importing status to exporting.
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