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Islamic Emirate not against women education

Recently, the representative of the European Union (EU) for Afghanistan expressed concern over the still closure of girls’ schools above sixth grade and said that if the girls do not go to school, they will not be given other of their rights.
The assertions come as the reopening of girls’ schools is said to be made after finalization of an effective mechanism by the Islamic Emirate.
Sohail Shaheen, the candidate representative from the Islamic Emirate for the United Nations, (UN) said that the Islamic Emirate was not against the education of girls and currently more than one million girls are going to education centers.
Currently in some northern and western provinces of the country, girls’ schools above 6th grade are open and girl students are joining their classes.
Anas Haqqani, a senior member of the Islamic Emirate, also said that the closure of girls’ schools above the sixth grade was temporary and after a review in the way of their clothing, they would join their schools.
Deputy Political Minister of Foreign Affairs, Shir Mohammad Abbas Stanakzai, has repeatedly emphasized on the education of girls and called it the move to ban women from education against the Islamic system.
Meanwhile, this is more than a year, since the return of the Islamic Emirate, that girls are banned from going to school in many provinces of the country, including Kabul, where the related organs said the plan is under discussion to reopen all girls’ schools across the country.
All the citizens of the country live in complete security and have no worries, but western countries are launching propaganda against the Islamic Emirate that it is against women work and girls education.
Instead of launching false propaganda against the government of the IEA, they should release up to 9 billion U.S. dollars of the country’s frozen assets to help the people get rid of long misery.
M. Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.