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Islamic Emirate not against girls’ education

Following a series of campaigns on social media for the reopening of girls’ schools, authorities said the Islamic Emirate was not against girls’ education.
Hundreds of social media users, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, were going online posting texts about girl students above grade seven and asking the Islamic Emirate to reopen their schools all over the country.
They called education the rights of the Afghan women and girls and said they should be paid their rights.
“Why should women go begging but not going to schools and getting educated,” said one of the social media users who called on the Islamic Emirate to allow girls and women get their rights.
Another social media user said women can tolerate poverty but not illiteracy. “Prevention of girls from schools causes the country’s future to remain in darkness more than ever,” said Farida who said her ambition was to become a doctor in the future.
“Illiteracy is idolism and ignorance and I don’t want to remain ignorant and illiterate. I call on the Islamic Emirate to put an end to the girls’ waiting and allow them to rejoin their schools,” she said.
Meanwhile, the Ministry of Education said that girls’ schools above grade-seven will remain closed until the next decision.
One of the officials said reopening girls’ schools would be happen soon after a plan for the types of their hijab or burqa is finalized.
“The Islamic Emirate is not against girls’ education and their schools will be reopened soon after the discussion is ended,” said an official of the ministry of education adding the schools would soon be reopened after the ministry receives permission from the leadership of the Islamic Emirate.
Some officials of the Islamic Emirate said the reason behind girl schools’ closure is that the related officials were working on the type of clothing they have to use while joining their classes.
More than 92,000 of up to 242,000 schoolteachers, comprising 38 percent of the total teachers, are women. Over 2,700,000 girls have registered with first to seventh grades in schools this year.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.