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Islamic Emirate launches e-ID cards distribution in UAE

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has formally begun issuing electronic ID cards, or e-Tazkira, to Afghan nationals living in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This historic project, which is being managed by the Afghan Embassy in Abu Dhabi, represents a major breakthrough in the provision of safe identification for Afghan nationals living abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deputy spokesperson, Zia Ahmad Takal, confirmed that the distribution system had started and emphasized that it had been inaugurated at the embassy in Abu Dhabi. In a statement, Takal promised full cooperation to Afghan residents living in the United Arab Emirates, saying, “Electronic ID cards will now be issued to Afghans in the UAE, ensuring ease and convenience.” Afghan businessmen and residents in the UAE have welcomed the launch of this project with enthusiasm, expressing satisfaction with the promise of streamlined services. The establishment of comparable distribution facilities in other countries has received a lot of support. The head of the Afghan Traders Council in the United Arab Emirates, Haji Obaidullah Sadrkhil, expressed optimism and said, “This is a moment of joy for everyone.” We implore Afghan consulates and embassies across the globe to start this process and provide Afghans with easily accessible electronic identification cards.” Abdul Waris, an Afghan living in the United Arab Emirates, expressed his enthusiasm over the electronic ID card procedure, emphasizing how it may streamline entry for fellow nationals. Samiullah, another Afghan living in Abu Dhabi, also mentioned how easier it was for his compatriots to obtain electronic ID cards. Simultaneously, National Statistics and Information Authority (NSIA) spokesperson Mohammad Haleem Rafi revealed intentions to establish similar distribution centers soon in Pakistan, Iran, and Turkiye. Rafiq further stated, “Following the UAE, the NSIA aims to establish new centers in Pakistan, Iran, and Turkey.” The 34 provinces of Afghanistan receive between 10,000 and 11,000 electronic ID cards per day, according to NSIA figures. 13.6 million electronic ID cards have been distributed nationwide since the start of the e-Tazkira distribution, which is a noteworthy accomplishment in terms of citizen identification and service delivery. For Afghan nationals living abroad, the opening of the electronic ID card distribution center in the United Arab Emirates is a significant milestone. By giving them a trustworthy form of identity, this program hopes to make it easier for them to take advantage of opportunities and obtain necessities. The UAE program’s success establishes a model for future expansions into countries with sizable Afghan populations, guaranteeing electronic ID cards’ global accessibility. This project is in line with the Islamic Emirate’s larger plans to update and expedite the citizen identification procedure. The government hopes to increase service delivery capacities and improve citizen record accuracy by putting in place an effective and safe system. This program demonstrates the government’s dedication to helping Afghan nationals wherever they may be in the world. Afghan businessmen and local authorities in the United Arab Emirates have applauded this move, acknowledging its practicality and advantages. They stress the significance of providing such services to other countries and guaranteeing that all Afghan expats can obtain electronic identity cards. Their daily lives are made easier by this program, which also makes their ties to Afghanistan stronger. The NSIA is taking aggressive measures to address the requirements of the Afghan migrants with its intention to distribute more electronic ID cards to countries including Pakistan, Iran, and Turkiye. The government wants to offer Afghans around the world dependable and regular services, which is why these centers were established. To sum up, the introduction of electronic ID card distribution for Afghans residing in the United Arab Emirates represents a noteworthy improvement in the process of identifying Afghan nationals living overseas. By providing them with a safe and effective way to identify themselves, this project has the potential to significantly improve the lives of Afghan expatriates. The government’s ongoing attempts to extend these services internationally demonstrate its dedication to assisting its people and guaranteeing fair access to opportunities and necessities everywhere. Mashal Noori

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