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Islamic Emirate key supporter of education

Education and seeking knowledge occupies so a high place and position that the first revelation on the Prophet of Islam Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) in the cave named Hira was to order the His prophet to read (recite), even though Almighty Allah knew that the Mohmmad (PBUH) is illiterate and did not know how to read or write. Similarly, in other verses of the Quran God Almighty swears by the pen, which is a tool of learning and education, designating the extraordinary position the education and literacy holds in the religion of Islam.
In this perspective, from the advent of Islam then until the present day, Islam urges its followers to seek knowledge and wisdom as knowledge is a way to recognize oneself, his creator and nature. Until a man does not recognize himself and his creator, he cannot fulfill the virtues of Islam and restrain himself from what is vice. Furthermore, he will not be able to follow the teachings of the religion as best as he should.
Education and knowledge is the burning lamp that elaborates what is vice and what is virtue. It does not allow a knowledgeable and literate man to descend into darkness and adversity. With the light of knowledge, he thinks the present world to be the preparation arena for the next world. Thus, he struggles to save himself, family and significant others from the hardships and adversities of both this and hereafter. The holy Quran, emphasizing enough the importance of education and knowledge, says, “Are those who know equal with those who know not?”
Quran being the word of God Almighty has stated the importance of knowledge with a beautiful analogy. It defines literacy and illiteracy as the milestone between people. Human experience and modern education also shows that it is one of the miracles of Quran and word of God. Everyone even the idolaters and enemies of Islam yield that literacy is better and superior than illiteracy and a man equipped with knowledge and education can assure the success of both this and the next world making his life pleasant and wonderful.
The holy religion of Islam in itself is knowledge and wisdom and urges its followers and devotees to seeking knowledge and getting education. It asks them to strive for education in any kind of circumstances and should never let the darkness of illiteracy and ignorance to occupy their minds and conscience. In the case of illiteracy, man forgets the real nature of his existence, which in turn has nothing to gain him but destruction and devastation.
On one hand, the power of knowledge directs a man towards the recognition of the doors of improvement and well-being and on the other hand, it beautifies him with virtue, dignity and generosity. The most important fruit and outcome of knowledge for a man is piety and it piety that can help handle his religious rituals, worldly affairs, etc. in a better way.
Even though, since the recent changes in Afghanistan resulting in Islamic Emirate to assume the power doors of schools, universities and other educational institutions were temporarily closed for some reasons, it is seen that with each passing day they are resuming their operations and students, both male and female have once again joined their classes.
From one side, reopening of educational institutions including public universities in tropical regions in the last week and scheduling the resumption of public universities in the next month; on the other side, the promise to reopen secondary schools for female students indicates the commitment and consideration of the officials of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan for strengthening and supporting the educational institutions in the country. Finally, a delegation of Ministry of Education (MoE) in a meeting with the Supreme Leader His Excellency Sheikh-Ul-Hadith Hibbatullah Akhunzada shared the problems and challenges relating to education. In response, the leader not only appreciated the efforts of those involved in education sector but showed his support in favor of education and educational institutions. In addition, he assured that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan supports all educational institutions such madrassas, modern schools, and private and public universities in its full power and seriousness and the Emirate is fully committed to provide the necessary equipment and tools. This in itself is a clear indicator of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan being in favor of education, literacy and knowledge.
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