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Islamic Emirate; inclusive system

Today, under the Islamic Emirate, Afghanistan has achieved a comprehensive and unique system and has powerful and stable government than ever before. It has been forty years since the people of Afghanistan suffered incompetent, unplanned and irresponsible governments and had been tired of the rule of warlords, and corrupt officials. During the 20 years of occupation, the people of Afghanistan were subjected to oppression, aggression and enormous torture and they suffered and tasted the poison of torment, from the bombing of U.S. forces to the rampage and oppression of the Westernbacked republic regime forces. With the efforts and sacrifices of the Islamic Emirate Mujahidin, countrywide security has been ensured that paved the ground for the progress and development of the country in various sectors. There is no doubt to call this system a comprehensive and unique system, because the rule of ethnic oppressors and warlords has ended, and today the children of the Mujahid nation, who belong to all the ethnic groups of the country, are heading the country’s affairs in the best way. With the Islamic Emirate takeover corruption, drug cultivation eradicated and collecting and treating drug addicts, gathering beggars, urban order, starting large and small national and infrastructural development projects, maintaining territorial integrity and dozens of other achievements have taken place. The people of Afghanistan are also fascinated by Islam, independence, work and progress, and they always wish for services to be provided in their homeland and a field of development and progress for their country. The people of Afghanistan are also fascinated by Islam, independence, work and progress and they always wished that the ground has been paved for the development and progress of their country. The great nation of Afghanistan was deprived of security and peace in the past years, and every moment the sound of booms and gunshots scratched their ears and hurt their souls. But with the conquest and the victory of the Islamic Emirate, freedom, peace and security were maintained across the country. The people of Afghanistan are supporting their Islamic system with all their strength and are constantly trying for its survival. A government that has the support of its people and nation is not doomed to decay and failure and will remain firm and stable forever.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.