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Islamic Emirate common home for all Afghans

As the acting Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate said, Afghanistan, under the current Islamic system, has become a common home for the whole countrymen and no discrimination is allowed to separate the Afghan brother nation. In his meeting with a number of religious scholars, youths and influential figures, the Acting Prime Minister of the Islamic Emirate Mawlavi Abdul Kabir said that the current system has risen from among the Afghan society and that all Afghans have equal rights and discrimination has no place in the Islamic system. This is a false rumor spread from the colonialist countries that they claimed the people in Afghanistan are dealt with in accordance with tribe, ethnic and language. This is clear that after the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate in mid-August 2021, Afghanistan has become the common home for all Afghans and there is no evident to show that the country has become the hub of racism, discrimination and nepotism as it was during the past two corrupt regimes, which had been acting under the order of the U.S. and its alliance occupations. Now, the security has improved across the country, this is why the people are needed to work for the development of their country and do not let their homeland become a ground for prejudice, war and ignorance. The future of Afghanistan will be bright if experts, knowledgeable figures, university lecturers, politicians and leaders introduce national interests of the country to the people of Afghanistan who have long suffered continued war and violence in the country. The facts indicate that we have abundant natural resources in this country and with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, all natural resources as minerals and mines have now been owned by Afghans themselves. Legally extraction of the country’s mines can help the Afghan nation stand on their feet. Unfortunately, some western and international media outlets are trying to reflect an untrue picture of Afghanistan to the world. They publish irregular reports that the life of the former employees who had worked for the previous regime and international troops are at serious risk in Afghanistan and somehow encourage them to leave their country. In the meantime, the United States and other western countries have eased the immigration conditions for Afghanistan to take refuge in their countries, which is not good for a war-torn country whose people have suffered from war for four decades. If the United States and the international community really want to help Afghanistan and its people, the first thing they can do is to release foreign assets of Afghanistan’s central bank, recognize the current Islamic Emirate and manage their relations through a positive engagement with the new Afghan government. But, with the sole name of humanitarian, providing ground for merit and educated Afghans to leave their country to make use of their energy by western countries is not a kind of assistance to Afghanistan but a big oppression to the Afghan people of Afghanistan. First of all, all those Afghans who have worked for the previous regime should not care about the U.S. and the international propaganda and not leave their country as it is a good time to participate and play key role in the reconstruction and development of their country because security has improved across the country, industry and commerce are in progress and the country is going forward.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.