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Islamic Emirate at a glance

Summary of the most significant accomplishments of the Islamic Emirate 2022 – 2023

Part XXI

By: Hashmat Nasiri

  1. Provision of Social Services Over the course of the preceding year, pivotal endeavors have been undertaken in the realm of social service provision, notably focusing on facilitating public access to clean drinking water, rehabilitating rural transportation infrastructure, and administering social welfare initiatives. The following delineates select initiatives: A. Water Supply Over the past two years, more than 41,000 sanitary water supply networks have been completed in rural areas at a cost of over 3 billion Afghanis. With the completion of these projects, clean drinking water has been provided to over 1.6 million people, playing a crucial role in maintaining public health. Additionally, the implementation of these projects has provided job opportunities to over 3.6 million people. Furthermore, in the past year, over 3,000 different water supply projects, including refurbishment of water supply networks, well digging, and water reservoir construction, have been implemented nationwide. B. Rehabilitation of Rural Roads In the recent annum, the restoration of rural thoroughfares in diverse provinces has stood as a focal point for the Ministry of Rural Development of Afghanistan. Noteworthy among these efforts is the construction of 15 kilometers of roadways, valued at approximately 3 million Afghanis, in the Balamorghab district of Badghis province, ameliorating transit constraints for a population exceeding 12,000. Additionally, the completion of four concrete road projects spanning 19 kilometers, with an outlay approximating 2 billion Afghanis, in Kabul, Logar, Kapisa, and Parwan provinces, has assuaged transportation impediments for over 37,000 individuals and engendered gainful employment avenues for multitudes. C. Construction of Canals and Retaining Walls The construction and reconstruction of canals and retaining walls in provinces are another achievement in the field of social services. Dozens of concrete canals, costing 79 million Afghanis, have been rebuilt and put into operation in the Zheri and Daman districts of Kandahar province. Additionally, dozens of projects involving the reconstruction of wells and underground aqueducts, totaling 58 million Afghanis, have been completed and put into operation in various districts of the country. The construction and rehabilitation of canals and retaining walls represent another substantive stride in the domain of social welfare provision. Notably, scores of concrete canals, at a cost of 79 million Afghanis, have been rehabilitated and commissioned in the Zherai and Daman districts of Kandahar province. Furthermore, numerous projects entailing the rehabilitation of wells and aqueducts, totaling 58 million Afghanis, have been completed and operationalized across various districts. Moreover, in diverse districts of Badghis province, over 2,000 kilometers of concrete canals and more than 5 kilometers of protective walls, with a cumulative valuation exceeding 172 million Afghanis, have been rehabilitated and commissioned, thereby fostering employment prospects for local denizens and benefiting myriad beneficiaries. D. Employment Generation The Islamic Emirate’s persistent endeavors to mitigate unemployment have entailed the creation of conducive environments and the provision of avenues for gainful employment. In consonance with this objective, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Afghanistan has disbursed in excess of 52,000 licenses to domestic constituents over the past year. Additionally, a total of 1,534 work permits have been disseminated to foreign nationals during the same period, constituting a pivotal contribution to job creation endeavors. End

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.