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Islamic Emirate at a glance

Summary of the most significant accomplishments of the Islamic Emirate 2022 – 2023

Part XIX

By: Hashmat Nasiri

  1. Amplification of Telecommunications Accessibility With the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, telecommunication services in the country have been standardized, leading to an unprecedented increase in people’s access to telecommunication services. As a result of service standardization and improved quality, the number of subscribers in the telecommunications market has increased. During the previous administration, the number of active telecommunications market subscribers was 22.4 million, while under the Islamic Emirate, this figure has increased to 23.1 million. Moreover, the number of 3G service subscribers has increased from 6.2 million to 6.4 million, 4G subscribers from 1.6 million to 3.5 million, and mobile internet subscribers from 11.2 million to 12 million. D. Reduction in Internet and Telephony Tariffs The Islamic Emirate has reduced the prices of internet usage and telephone call rates by setting telecommunication service tariff prices. According to assessments, fixed tariff rates have been set for internet and voice call prices for the first time, with the maximum voice call price between network subscribers set at 1.85 Afghanis per minute. Previously, the maximum cost of voice calls for telecommunications companies was between 2.5 to 3.5 Afghanis per minute. Furthermore, the price of calls from one network to another has decreased from 4 Afghanis to a maximum of 2.2 Afghanis per minute. In addition, telecommunications companies have been obliged to bill voice calls based on 30-second intervals instead of 60 seconds. Moreover, there has been a considerable reduction in internet service prices over the past year, with reductions ranging from 30% to 60% in most internet packages. Currently, the maximum monthly price for 1GB of internet for all telecommunications networks is set at 110 Afghanis, whereas before the Islamic Emirate, the price for 1GB of internet ranged from 250 to 300 Afghanis. E. Widening Telecommunications Access to Remote Areas The Islamic Emirate’s tenure has witnessed a concerted effort to extend telecommunications services to remote and deprived regions. Notably, over the past year, a total of 836 telecommunications sites have been established and activated in regions previously devoid of telecommunications infrastructure or afflicted by subpar service quality. This strategic intervention has empowered approximately 8 million individuals to access telecommunications services, thereby fostering inclusivity and connectivity across disparate locales. 1. Sports Development Physical exercise and athletic engagement serve as pivotal factors in sustaining physical wellbeing and mitigating the propensity towards substance abuse and deleterious conduct. Recognizing the paramount importance of this endeavor, the Islamic Emirate has demonstrated a commendable commitment to fostering the growth of sports within the nation, thereby fortifying the domain of sports and physical education. Consequently, administrative attention has been directed towards extending the purview of sports activities from urban centers to provincial realms, from provinces to district levels, and from districts to rural locales. The Islamic Emirate remains steadfast in its pledge to cultivate all sporting disciplines within the country in accordance with the tenets of Islam and the rich tapestry of Afghan culture. Endeavors are earnestly pursued to furnish sports facilities for athletes domestically and facilitate their engagement in international sporting events. A. Sports Competitions Over the past year, a total of 3,586 promotional, commemorative, sanctioned, and informal competitions across various disciplines have been orchestrated nationwide, facilitated by the provision of opportune settings and infrastructure. Moreover, with the reinstatement of the Islamic Emirate, the ambit of competitive events has expanded from the capital city of Kabul to encompass provinces and further extend to district precincts. B. Infrastructure F ocus in Sports In response to the exigencies of sporting aspirants, diverse assortments of equipment have been procured in the preceding year, catering comprehensively to all provinces. In addition, supervisory visits by officials to all provinces have been conducted to oversee sporting engagements, identify extant challenges, and devise remedial strategies. C. Provision of Sports Facilities Concerted efforts have been marshaled over the past year towards the rehabilitation, refurbishment, and allocation of sporting venues to athletes nationwide, yielding commendable outcomes, including: 1. The transfer of 27,000 sports halls to the purview of the Sports Directorate. 2. Commencement of stadium reconstruction endeavors across 64 districts, alongside land allotment for stadium redevelopment. 3. Allocation of 85 jeribs of land in Kabul’s Chaman-e-Hozuri precinct to the Sports Directorate. 4. Preliminary ground work for the construction of sporting facilities in 15 provinces. 5. Completion and refinement of 9 construction projects spanning 15 provinces. D. Afghan Athletes’ Participation on the Global Stage In tandem with the consolidation and enhancement of domestic sporting competitions, the Islamic Emirate has directed its focus towards fostering international relations within the sporting arena, thereby enabling Afghan athletes to partake in global sporting competitions. Towards this end, a specialized commission has been instituted to secure and bolster international relations, garner financial assistance, and facilitate the provision of requisite financial and technical amenities to athletes. Over the past year, this commission has convened two virtual sessions with the International Olympic Committee, underscoring the imperative of sustained constructive engagement between the two entities and garnering tangible endorsements from th e International Olympic Committee for Afghan sporting endeavors. In the past year, 52 federations have had 49 foreign trips, 15 of which included football and futsal teams. Furthermore, international sports competitions have been organized during these trips, resulting in Afghan athletes bringing great honor to Afghanistan by winning 2 gold, 10 silver, and 10 bronze medals.

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