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Islamic Emirate at a glance

Summary of the most significant accomplishments of the Islamic Emirate 2022 – 2023

Part XVI

By: Hashmat Nasiri

  1. Establishment of an Elearning system“In the past year, due to the efforts and dedication of education authorities, an e-learning management system has been established, and academic committees have been formed at the university level to manage this system. B. Development of the national education program“In order to rectify shortcomings, address deficiencies, and enhance the national education curriculum, the Ministry of Education of Afghanistan has conducted necessary reforms in educational program frameworks, some of which are outlined below: • Vocabulary sections in science from grades one to three, Social Sciences from grades four to twelve, and Pashto, Turkmen, and Nuristani language textbooks from grades three to four have been revised for content and spelling errors. • To enrich the elementary school curriculum, 18 books on Hadith, the Prophet’s biography, and Islamic education in Dari and Pashto have been printed, and six mathematics books for grades one to three have been reviewed and sent to the curriculum quality assurance committee. Turkmeni and Nuristani language textbooks from grades three to four and Uzbeki, Pashto, and Shughnani language textbooks from grades ten to twelve have been reviewed and corrected for content and spelling errors. • The first and third-grade textbooks for rural schools have been completed.“Additionally, 26.2 million educational books have been printed and distributed in the country, with continuous monitoring to ensure the quality of the teaching process and literacy courses nationwide.“i. Access to education“To expand access to education, 121 new schools have been established nationwide, bringing the total number of government and private schools to 18,010, including 7,429 primary schools, 4,430 secondary schools, and 1,516 high schools. In the past year, 125,075 new students, including 556,801 girls, have enrolled in government and private schools. With the addition of new students, the total number of students reaches 10,189,634, including 4,024,574 girls.“ii. Islamic education“The Islamic Emirate has provided a conducive environment for Islamic education in the country and has shown balanced and significant attention to this sector. According to available statistics, 36,203 students, including 12,808 girls, have recently been enrolled in new Islamic education centers. However, the total number of students in government and private Islamic education centers reaches 330,950, with 94,462 female students enrolled in 1,142 Islamic education centers actively engaged in Islamic education.“It is worth noting that according to available statistics, a total of 245,671 instructors, including 91,969 female instructors, are actively teaching in educational institutions across the country. C: Access to technical and vocational education“The Technical and Vocational Education Authority has provided necessary facilities for citizens in the fields of technical and vocational education, and currently, about 57,000 students are engaged in educational centers and apprenticeship programs. In the past year, this authority has coordinated with 20 government and non-governmental agencies to facilitate better conditions for technical and vocational education and has signed a cooperation agreement with the German institution “Stay in Afghanistan. The Technical and Vocational Education Administration has provided necessary facilities for citizens in the fields of technical and vocational education and currently, approximately 57,000 students are engaged in educational centers and vocational programs. During the past year, this administration has collaborated with 20 government and non-governmental institutions to improve the conditions for technical and vocational education and has signed an agreement with the German institution called “Stay in Afghanistan.” i. Establishment and upgrading of educational centers • To increase the attraction of applicants in technical and vocational education fields, significant actions have been taken in the past year, including: • Establishment of three educational centers in Nuristan, Jawzjan, and Sar-e-Pul provinces. • Creation of 46 vocational courses in tailoring, solar panel installation, metalworking, mobile phone repair, computer repair, electrical appliance repair, motor repair, and management in centers and provinces. • Upgrading of 2 technical and vocational schools for the blind and deaf to institutes. • Introduction of disciplines in jurisprudence, creed, management for the vocational institute for the deaf in Kabul. • Establishment of 23 technical and vocational education courses in agriculture, finance, electronic technology, motor repair, construction, carpentry, financial planning, computer science, chemistry and biology, management and commerce, Islamic education, Quran memorization, and vocational training.“ii. Support for innovation“For supporting innovation and talented individuals, the Innovation Center was established for the first time in the Technical and Vocational Education Administration. This center provides financial, technical, and moral support to inventors and innovators, leading to increased production, inventions, and employment opportunities, thereby contributing to family economic growth.“In the past year, a total of 34 projects have been registered in this center, including the invention of a high-speed motorcar, which received recognition within and outside the country and has been showcased nationally and internationally. iii. Enhancement of technical and vocational education curriculum“To improve and develop technical and vocational education curricula, the following measures have been taken: • Formulation, revision, and correction of technical and vocational education curricula, specialized education, and vocational training. • Revision of the curricula of 12 departments in industry, agriculture, and services according to societal needs and the job market. • Distribution and printing of 380,000 textbooks and 37,500 study materials.“D. Evaluation of Foreign Educational Credentials and Certification of Distinguished Scholars“In the past year, exams were conducted to evaluate the educational credentials of graduates from foreign educational institutions. A total of 19,600 scholars from 34 provinces took the certification exams, with 10,795 successful in the higher education exam and 2,312 successful in the Baccalaureate exam, with their documents undergoing evaluation. Furthermore, in the past year, 18,000 scholars took specialized exams, with 13,000 of them succeeding. 1. Improving access to healthcare services “Through the complete eradication of administrative corruption, elimination of bureaucracy, apprehension of various actors in the healthcare sector, and uniform enforcement of laws in both public and private healthcare sectors, there has been a noticeable improvement in the delivery and accessibility of healthcare services. In addition, the provision of necessary facilities and the establishment of 132 ambulance stations across the country, enhancement of the capacity of healthcare sector personnel nationwide, and the establishment and upgrading of healthcare centers at the central and provincial levels have contributed significantly to the improvement in healthcare service delivery. f services such as MRI and CT SCAN at central and provincial levels has elevated the quality of healthcare services and facilitated access to them. Moreover, the involvement of investors, aid organizations, and the general public has led to improved quality of healthcare services and enhanced public access to healthcare services in the country. Another notable achievement in this sector is the centralization of the forensic medicine specialization program and the transfer of trainers and trainees from provinces to the central region, which has effectively resolved a 15-year-old issue regarding the training of forensic medicine specialists. Continued monitoring and inspection of hospitals, clinics, and diagnostic centers have ensured compliance with healthcare regulations, and legal action has been taken against violators.

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