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Islamic countries should not be battlefield for Islam’s enemies

There are two things about the widening crisis in the Middle East¡ and we are about to see a new Biden administration strategy unfold to address this multifront war involving Gaza, Iran, Israel and the region, Thomas L. Friedman wrote in an article tittle d “ A Biden Doctrine for the Middle East is Forming. And It’s Big” for the New York Times. He added that suppose we don’t see such a significant, bold doctrine. In that case, the crisis in the region is going to metastasize in ways that will strengthen Iran, isolate Israel and leave America’s ability to influence events there for the better in tatters. It has been a long time since the Middle East and Islamic countries, particularly Afghanistan and the Arab World, have been transformed into the foci or battlefield of Islam’s enemies, and they test their different armaments in the region, where the victims are Muslims. After WWII, the Western nations accepted that if they didn’t initiate the war outside their territory, they would suffer more, and their people would lose their lives. Based on this plan, they have been fueling the wars in other areas, utilizing their weapons and arms. On the contrary, they establish universities and academic places and provide a comfortable and satisfying life for the public. America and other allied countries are making an effort to initiate another war in the Middle East. It is worth noting that they have already opened the war door in the region. The Islamic countries stand in the best places in terms of possessing natural minerals, but the Western countries are in dire need of those materials. Therefore, the West is required to adhere to Islamic values and principles, paying respect to our sacred religion. Countries in the Muslim world must refrain from sectarianism among Muslims and avoid forming groups with different names to pursue their goals. It is time for all Muslims to come together, defeat all enemy conspiracies, prevent their implementation in the Muslim world, stand against Islam’s enemies, raise an influential voice in the United Nations, and defend themselves. Another way could be for Islamic countries to establish reputable universities in their own countries once again. With the acquisition of knowledge and access to technology, they can triumph over the enemies of Islam. Muslim unity is necessary, a unity that Allah the Almighty has emphasized in the Holy Quran. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.