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Islam; the religion of virtue, weltreatment

Islam is a perfect religion, in which everyone’s rights are preserved and the highest standard is piety, black does not have superiority over white and white over black, Arab over non-Arab and non-Arab over Arab. That is why they say that personality is superior in terms of knowledge in terms of piety. Arab polytheists buried their daughters alive during the period of ignorance. Alcohol was common and they used to be involved in seditions and conflicts with each other for years. One camel, if, would drink water from another’s camel’s load, the owners would kill each other. In this manner, for years they were suffering sedition and killing among themselves. When Mohammad (PBUH) was sent by Allah Almighty as a Prophet, the call to Islam began and many people accepted the holy religion, so Allah honored superiority over these ignorant people. Also, in the invitation to Islam, Allah Almighty honored women with the right to be a member of the Islamic community. Rivers of wine spilled in the streets of Makkah and Medina and the drinking of wine was banned, but not by force and violation, but as a result of Islamic and prophetic moralities. All the waves of ignorance and the rays of Islam have been destroyed in every direction and they have left such deeds of sacrifice and self-sacrifice in the path of Islam that the Islamic Ummah is proud of and respects even after 1402 years. The Islamic government is a government of law. Within this government, sovereignty belongs to Allah alone and law is His decree and command. The law of Islam, divine command, has absolute authority over all individuals and the Islamic government. Islam is the religion of justice, and Allah Almighty also gives judgments of mercy with justice, and when people become selfish, arrogant and start oppression, then the case of oppression will fail to save our country and nation from their evil, we must embrace our nation, listen to their questions and demands and address their problems. As the basis of Islamic government is justice, and to be just is to follow sharia, or Islamic law, exclusively. So, let invite to Islam and do our responsibility of order to virtue and prohibition from vice, not by force and violation, but only based on the order and recommendation of the holy Quran and the fine Sirat-un-Nabi (the morality of the holy Prophet Mohammad peace upon him). This is the only way, we can help the Islamic invitation spread and be accepted by people everywhere. If we force others to do good or be prevented from vice and impose on them our own ideas in the name of Islamic teachings, then it will undeniably lay negative impacts on society and this will become very difficult to help the Islamic sharia and teachings reach every corner of the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.