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Islam Qala custom blaze caused due to negligence of customs employees

By: Shukria Kohistani

A fact-finding delegation of the government has found that Herat’s Islam Qala custom blaze has been caused due to negligence of the custom employees, public protection department and the Indian Therapeutics Chemical Research Corporation (TCRC) company.
The government delegation says besides the respective organs, Afghan traders have been also involved in the blaze. According to the delegation, a number of Afghan traders have imported oil as spare-parts and other trade goods; therefore, they have been also introduced as violators.
The fact-finding delegation says they have introduced violators of the Islam Qala to judicial organs. The delegation’s findings show that nearly 1,250 cars worth $33 million have been reduced to ashes in the blaze.
According to the fact-finding delegation, the government has considered nearly $8 million assistance to provide to Afghan traders whose tankers and businesses have been reduced to ashes in the Islam Qala custom blaze.
Meanwhile, a spokesperson to national disaster management authority says the findings have shown that the Indian TCRC company has neglected upon getting sample from oil and gas in the custom area as the company operating under the norms and standard authority of Afghanistan is responsible for the quality control in the custom area.
“In the Islam Qala custom blaze, more than 1,200 tankers and vehicles worth $33 million have been reduced to ashes,” Azimi, a spokesperson to the country’s national disaster management authority said, blaming the Indian TCRC company, national norms and standard authority, officials for the Islam Qala custom and the public protection department for the blaze.
“Indian company Therapeutics Chemical Research Corporation (TCRC) which is responsible for sample test at Islam Qala Port in western Herat province has been blamed for a fire breakout incident in the port in February this year,” Azimi said.
He further said that the findings of the government investigation team showed that 1,254 trucks and oil tankers worth $33 million were reduced to ashes in the fire incident.
He said investigation showed that vehicles worth $4 million turned scrap as a result of the huge fire, adding that the government will pay $10,000 to every vehicle owner, with the total amount reaching $8 million, adding that in case the court of law found TCRC guilty, the company was bound to pay $33 million to Afghan government in losses.
He said under an agreement between affected vehicles owners and government, TCRC would have to pay $33 million in losses to the government and from the money eight million would go to the government and the remaining would be distributed among affected vehicle owners.
It is worth mentioning that the blaze incidents have increased recently in the country as similar blaze incident has occurred in Farah’s Abo Nasr Farahi custom.


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