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Islam a religion of cooperation

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Islam has always persuaded its followers to cooperate and assist each other; in particular, it has ordered us to assist the people in need. There are many destitute and needy people in Islamic countries, particularly in Afghanistan, to whom we should cooperate and assist, surviving them from the risks of poverty, deprivation, hunger and death. The Islamic government and Afghan merchants bear a significant responsibility in providing facilities for these individuals. They must step up and fulfill their duty to assist and cooperate with those in need. Meanwhile, the public is obliged, in terms of Iman and consciousness, to be aware of their needy and poor neighbors, covering them with their assistance and cooperation. Currently, the majority of Afghans, including the earthquake-affected people, tent – dwellers and the returned refugees from Pakistan, reside under the snowfall and rain which put them in a grievous condition. These people have been grappling with a great deal of challenges and problems. It is a shared responsibility, deeply rooted in our Islamic values, for all Afghans, including the public, the Islamic government, and domestic and international merchants, to assist people in need. We must provide them with the necessary support without hesitation, as their well-being is a reflection of our collective strength and compassion. Undoubtedly, the problems of the needy people will be effectively addressed if the Islamic government, merchants, and business people, cooperate with them and the level of poverty and deprivation decreases across the country. This collective effort holds the promise of a brighter future for all. Otherwise, poverty and destitution will expand and remain constant in the country. At that time, neither the Islamic government nor the public and merchants could prevent the increase of such problems and couldn’t contribute to the alleviation of poverty. Ahmad

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.