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Iran’s export to Afghanistan reaches $1.871bln

An Iranian official announced that in 1402, Iran’s exports, excluding oil to Afghanistan, reached $1.871 billion. Iran’s commercial advisor to Afghanistan, Hussain Rostayee, indicated that Iran’s non-oil goods have risen 13.6% over the past year. Rostayee attributed the surge in non-oil exports to Iran to increased commercial delegations, smoother border crossings, extended hours at customs offices, joint economic commission meetings held in Tehran, and trade events organized in Kabul, Herat, Tehran, and Mashhad. Additionally, he highlighted the organization of a specialized exhibition showcasing Iran’s export capabilities in Herat, the exchange of over 50 exhibition delegations, and the superior quality of Iranian export goods as further driving factors. The Iranian commercial advisor noted a growth in nonoil exports to Afghanistan after four years. He emphasized that Iran’s key exports to Afghanistan include natural gas, light and heavy hydrocarbons, iron, steel, food items, vegetables, and cement. The Afghanistan-Pakistan Joint Chamber of Commerce previously revealed that due to stringent measures by the Pakistani government, Afghan traders now conduct 70% of their transit trade through Iranian ports like Chabahar and Bandar Abbas. Iranian officials predict that bilateral trade volume will surpass $3 billion by the end of the current solar year. Afghanistan’s imports across various sectors have been steadily rising since last year, reaching $830 million in January of the current year, according to the World Bank’s report. The January report from the bank underscores Iran’s dominance as Afghanistan’s primary import source, with 32% of Afghanistan’s imports originating from Iran. The World Bank previously reported that in 2023, Afghanistan’s exports amounted to $1.9 billion, while imports stood at $7.8 billion. According to the World Bank, Afghanistan’s imports have grown faster than its exports, leading to a significant increase in the country’s trade imbalance. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.