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Iranian embassy ready to cooperate with IEA on combating terrorism

Following the armed attack in the eastern province of Herat, the Iranian embassy in Kabul has announced its readiness to cooperate with the Islamic Emirate to combat terrorism. Posting on the X social media account, the Iranian embassy declared its readiness to enhance cooperation with the ruling government in Afghanistan to combat terrorism. The embassy referred to it as a “terrorist incident” and strongly condemned it. According to the statement, Iran demands the identification and punishment of the perpetrators of “the crime.” “The Embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran, while condemning the terrorist incident at the Imam Zaman Masjid in Guzarah district of Herat province, which resulted in injuries and deaths of a number of worshipers, calls for the identification and punishment of the perpetrators of this crime and declares its readiness to enhance cooperation with the interim government of Afghanistan to combat terrorism,” the Iranian embassy in Kabul said in a statement. It is noteworthy that as a result of an armed attack by an unknown gunman on worshippers in Herat, six people have been martyred, and one person has been injured. The spokesman for the Ministry of Interior, Abdul Matin Qani, stated that the incident occurred last night in the “Shahrak” area of Guzara district in Herat province. “Last night, in Herat province, in the Shahrak area of Guzara district, an unknown armed individual fired shots towards worshippers at the Masjid, resulting in the death of six civilians and injuring another person,” Qani said. The spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior has not provided further details on this matter, adding that the details of this incident will be shared with the media later. Any individual or group has not yet claimed responsibility for the mentioned terrorist attack. With the fall of the republic government and the resizing of power by the Islamic Emirate, regional countries and even Western powers have lost their influence in Afghanistan. Therefore, they have always sought to secure their interests and goals in Afghanistan. Their interests are not achievable in the country while the Islamic Emirate is in power. The current system in Afghanistan is cutting off the hands of spies and troublemakers, and it no longer allows Afghanistan to become the battlefield of regional countries. However, occasionally, these countries and intelligence agencies, by creating incidents, want to show that there is no complete and overall security in Afghanistan. The Islamic Emirate has been able to suppress terrorist groups in the past two years and ensure countrywide security. Mohammad Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.