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Iran to get water from Afghanistan based on Helmand Water Treaty

The 1973 treaty between Afghanistan and Iran states that Kabul will share the water from Helmand River with neighboring country at the rate of 26 cubic meters of water per second, or 850 million cubic meters per annum. Now water of the Helmand River will be shared with Iran based on the Helmand Water treaty signed between the two countries nearly 50 years back. Unfortunately, during the past four decades of war and continued droughts, the country’s additional water from Helmand River to Iran has faced with problems as sometime Iran used to get more water from Afghanistan and sometimes they got little due to droughts in Afghan side.
During the current year, Afghanistan is facing with unprecedented drought; therefore, there will be little water supply to the Iran side. Meanwhile, in recent cabinet meeting of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) chaired by Mullah Mohammad Hassan Akhund the prime minister, work on the remaining part of Kamal Khan and Bakhshabad dams in Farah province has been stressed. With the completion and operation of the dams, more agricultural fields will be irrigated in western zone.
Earlier, Helmand local officials had said that the water level has lowered in Helmand River and its water flow into Iran should not be allowed. In the meetings held recently between delegations from Afghanistan and Iran, both sides have agreed that mutual stations and facilities will be established on both sides of the Helmand River. Besides, the two sides called for the implementation of the treaty as the problem was within the area covered by the treaty.
In addition to water issues, there’s also security issue in areas bordering Iran.
Deputy spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Bilal Karimi in his recent remarks has said that Afghan security officials deployed in areas bordering Iran have been instructed to prevent from any groups’ mobilities if disrupting security in the area.
Afghanistan wants good relations with all its neighboring, regional and world countries. It is worth mentioning that the IEA wants similar action from its neighboring countries as neighboring countries have obligations towards maintaining security in areas bordering Afghanistan.
Mohammad Daud

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