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Iran hands over more than 260 Afghan detainees to Afghanistan

KABUL: The Islamic Republic of Iran has recently handed over a total of 268 Afghan detainees to the Islamic Emirate authorities, a statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the other day.
“With the presence of Afghanistan ambassador for Tehran Mawlavi Fazul Mohammad Haqqani, and a number of the Islamic Emirate officials the detainees have been handed over in Islam Qala ground port of the country’s western Herat province, to the Afghan side,” the statement said.
This is to be noted that the agreement on the extradition of Afghan detainees has been made during the visit of the Islamic Emirate Attorney General Mawlavi Shamsuddin Shariati to Iran, the statement added.
The Islamic Emirate Minister of Foreign Affairs appreciated the effort made by the Islamic Republic of Iran and called it a step towards strengthening bilateral relations, according to the statement.
Recently, the Afghanistan embassy and its consulates had officially been handed over to the IEA diplomats in the neighboring Iran.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.