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Iran cannot be sanctioned; plots to isolate Tehran failed: President Raeisi

President Ebrahim Raeisi says Iran cannot be sanctioned and Western plots to isolate the country have failed thanks to the nation’s steely resolve. Raeisi made the remarks at the opening of the 6th export potential exhibition of the Islamic Republic of Iran (Expo 2024) in the capital Tehran on Saturday. “This exhibit shows that Iran is unsanctionable and sanctions against the country have never yielded any results thanks to the strong will of the people and will not be successful after this either,” the Iranian president said. “Also, the evil plots to isolate the Islamic Republic of Iran have never come to fruition and will never come to fruition.” Underlining that sanctions are regarded not just as a method of oppression against one nation but all nations, Raeisi said, “If a nation is deprived of achieving its goals and amenities by creating constraints, this is not an injustice to one region but to all nations and regions.” The president termed sanctions as a kind of nonmilitary war and said the Iranian nation managed to overcome the bans by relying on its capabilities as acknowledged by the US administration and the White House, which admitted to the failure of the anti-Iran pressure campaign. Elsewhere in his speech, Raeisi pointed to the Islamic Republic’s localization of technology over the past years and said the West’s attempts to deter Iran’s progress by assassinating its scientists are in vain. “The West is trying to prevent us and the region from achieving new technologies, and if we gain that technology, they make sure that the fulcrum will be at their disposal so that they can continue to dominate,” the Iranian chief executive said. presstv

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.