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Iran; biggest trade partner of Afghanistan

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Afghanistan Ministry of Industry and Commerce says Iran has changed to one of the biggest trade partners of Afghanistan. Akhundzada Abdul Salam Jawad, spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce, speaking to the media has said that the value of trade between Afghanistan and Iran have reached $1.5 billion annually, and Afghanistan’s export to Iran has reached $28 million during the past one year. Afghanistan is imports fuel, gas, juice and medicines from Iran. In his recent visit to Iran, acting minister of industry and commerce has asked for increasing the level of trade up to $10 billion between the two countries. During his visit to the neighboring country, Nooruddin Azizi, the acting minister of industry and commerce, asked for creating a special corridor for trade goods between the two countries. Besides, he has asked Iranian traders to invest in Afghanistan. Afghanistan trade goods are mainly imported from Iran’s Chabahar port and Afghanistan is considered as one of the transit routes for Iran to have access to Central Asian countries. Meanwhile, the spokesperson of the ministry of industry and commerce by pointing to Afghanistan’s exports to India said that the value of Afghanistan’s exports to India has reached $417 million, while the country’s imports from India has reached $218 million. A number of the country’s traders are asking the Islamic Emirate to provide further facilities to Afghan traders so that trade relations between Afghanistan and neighboring countries further increase. “We need to have a mechanism based on which we can further increase trade with other countries,” said Mubeen Khan, an Afghan trader. He added that there were still challenges facing Afghan traders in the country. Shafiq, another Afghan trader, says the Afghan traders want the country’s ministry of finance to charge us less for transferring our money to outside. He also said that the traders wanted the ministry to resolve the issue of transferring money to outside. Based on information of the country’s ministry of industry and commerce, the level of Afghanistan’s exports has reached $2 billion in the past one year. The Afghan products are mainly exported to Pakistan, India, China, United Arab Emirates and Iran. Meanwhile, based on information of the country’s ministry of finance, air corridors play a major role in the export of Afghanistan’s main products. The ministry says in the last 15 months, nearly 8 billion AFG worth of imports has been conducted and nearly 4.3 billion AFG worth of trade items have been exported through the air corridor. According to the ministry, Afghanistan’s incomes via air corridor have reached 11 million AFG in the past 15 months. Meanwhile, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce says that in the last 8 months, 800 tons of goods, especially carpets, handicrafts and Afghan products have been exported to India and China through the air corridor. The country’s ministry of industry and commerce has also held talks with the neighboring countries particularly Iran to boost trade ties through the air corridor. Shukria Kohistani

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