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Invading Muslims destined to defeat

The world has experienced numerous invaders who attacked weaker nations with their power, weapons, and advanced military equipment and left them in bloodshed using mass-killing weapons. Only in the past half-century, two superpowers invaded Afghanistan twice, targeting and killing the Afghan nation with modern and advanced weapons. However, the invaded arrogant powers were defeated by Allah’s power and the Iman [belief] and bravery of the heroic nation of Afghanistan, escaping this land with a world of repentance and regret. However, unfortunately, these defeated powers still do not learn from their humiliating defeats and persist in their invasive actions. And they continue to oppress weak countries and nations, seeking occupation. The article is being written at a moment when America and the Jewish state are committing genocide in Gaza, engaging in the mass murder of innocent children, older men, and virtuous women. Regretfully, many countries in the world, particularly the Islamic and Arabic nations, sealed their lips and remained silent against these heinous crimes, watching the genocide of oppressed Muslims in Gaza. These countries not only remained silent but also traded their dignity, stabbing the oppressed Muslims in the back. Once again, I reiterate that the invaders and occupiers are destined to be defeated, and indeed, they will taste the bitter flavor of humiliating failure and defeat one day, shedding tears of remorse for their deeds. The increasing mortality and toll of death in the occupying forces of the Zionist regime clearly indicates that the blood-thirsty Zionist regime, along with America, is on the verge of defeat, and they will escape Gaza the same as they did in Afghanistan. The Mujahid and the heroic Afghan nation remind America of its defeat in Afghanistan, stating to refrain from committing crimes in Gaza, stop the genocide in Palestine, and put an end to its heinous action and murdering of Muslims in the world, particularly in the holy land of Palestine. Otherwise, their deeds will have nothing but a high death toll and humiliating defeat and disgrace in the world. M.Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.