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Intra-Afghan peace deal being supported regionally

During a press conference, late on last week, China’s Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman, Hua Chunying said her country would support an intra-Aghan dialogue, under which a lasting peace was restored in the war-ravaged country.
“China firmly supports the Afghan-led and Afghan owned broad and inclusive peace and reconciliation process,” the spokesman responded to a journalist’s question regarding the announcement of the Taliban group to take part in an upcoming peace meeting expected to be held in Beijing.
“We support the intra-Afghan dialogue between the Afghan government, the Afghan Taliban and other parties,” she said as quoted by media.
In the past and at present, China was among the key contributor of peace process in Afghanistan as it has frustrated with the rising terrorist and Islamic hardliners activities in the Uyghur city of northern western China’s state.
Extremists’ infiltration into the region, mostly via Pakistan’s border, is not something to be underestimated and China is a country highly focusing on its economic growth and cannot tolerate extremism, which is subversive and destructive.
In her fresh media meeting, Chinese Foreign Ministry’s Spokesman added that her country was ‘ready to offer help to Afghanistan’s peace and reconciliation process, ensuring China’s respect for the will of all relevant Afghan parties.’
Likewise, officials from the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan have assured that discussions were going on about the participation of the government representatives in the Beijing intra-Afghan talks.
The government spokesperson said that they will decide whether to attend the meeting, if the China send invitation.
The Taliban have also announced that their representatives would attend the meeting, as they have been invited by China’s government to join the intra-Afghan peace dialogue.
In the past Russia has repeatedly asked the two sides of conflicts to join an intra-Afghan peace deal and a direct talk to find a solution to the ongoing crisis in the country.
India and Pakistan—the two rival countries as well as the neighboring Iran are also ready to help the process to get success in finding a solution to the long and meaningless war in the Afghanistan.
The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan has time and again said that the door for peace was open to the entire anti-government groups and would do its best to help peace restored in the country. So it’s up to the government armed oppositions whether to decide for honestly joining the process.

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