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Intra-Afghan dialogue only way to reach peace

Addressing the nation via a televised broadcast, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani called on Taliban to arrive at direct talks with the Afghan government while stressed national unity, protection of basic rights of the citizens.
President Ghani emphasized the need for a swift and comprehensive peace agreement that could help avoid past mistakes such as the 1979 coup, adding the presence of foreign troops in the country was based on need and this need had always been discussed.
“We should not forget that the victims of the war are Afghans and the ownership of peace should be at the hands of Afghans because they are being killed and injured. It is not acceptable for Afghans to be repeatedly killed and forced to migrate to other countries.”
The president said no Afghan wished to see foreign forces stay in their country for a long term and no Afghan wanted to face suicide bombings in mosque, hospital, school or park. The president also said his government was fully committed to bringing peace to the country and opening a new chapter in the history of Afghanistan.
According to the president, the ceasefire and multilateral peace talks were the initiative of the government of Afghanistan, which has no example in the past 40 years. ”Government’s commitment for peace is pure and without any exaggeration. Efforts for peace are underway along with short-term and long-term development plans in the country.”
“The Taliban have two choices either to hear the voice of the nation or become a tool in implementation of the policies of strangers, if the Taliban continue to unleash violence, fighting and prevent the government to become strong and effective, this is what the outsiders want,” President Ghani believed.
Indeed, peace is the only wish of Afghan people, as they have been the victim of war for more than four decades. They have always supported peace building efforts in the country and have welcomed the imitated by any side. To end fighting in Afghanistan and secure a sustainable representative government for Afghans, Afghan government, China, Russia, Afghan neighbors and especially the United States have continually tried encouraging Taliban members to work with the Afghan government.
But Taliban has mounted their pressure during the talks and have done so in an unconstrained manner, using brutal tactics such as attacks on schools and hospitals, and the assassination of influential figures. They have applied these tactics to keep the Afghan government and its partners busy or distracted while they continued to carry out military operations, and causing more casualties the ANDSF, which are the true sons of Afghanistan and shedding their bloods only to protect people and their beloved country.
No one in this country opposes to peace; it is the greatest desire of the people of Afghanistan and their basic need for peace, but the people of Afghanistan are not willing to sacrifice all the achievements of past years and endure the peace that is created by aliens.
As per president’s remarks, Taliban should understand the reality on the ground and try to avoid aliens’ interreference on peace talks, and unconditionally pave the way for intra-Afghan talks to overcome all the challenges and differences as government of Afghanistan has time and again showed readiness for such talks.
These are only Afghans that being killed by each other with passing of each day. Taliban if truly want peace and stability in the country, should shun violence and bloodshed and join their compatriots in rebuilding their war-torn country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.