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Int’l support key to uproot terror

The extreme growth of terror and terrorist activities has begun to worry the whole world. The growing rates of terrorist activity, mainly conducted by Taliban in Afghanistan have become a bold challenge for the regional and international communities.
To address the high level of insecurity and insurgency in Afghanistan and end its threats to the region and the world, it is of immense important that the world leaders unite against terror and continued supporting Afghanistan in war against the ugly phenomenon, which not only polluting the country, but rather it has spread throughout the globe.
United States President Joe Biden said at a press conference after the NATO leaders’ summit in Brussels on Monday “there was a strong consensus in the room, among the leaders, in that meeting, on Afghanistan,” reiterating that the alliance will continue its support to Afghans after the withdrawal of international troops from the country.
“Our troops are coming home, but we agreed that our diplomatic, economic, and humanitarian commitment to the Afghan people and our support for the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces will endure,” Biden said.
“And I welcomed our Allies and partners to recognize that counterterrorism — that counterterrorism efforts must continue to ensure that Afghanistan never again becomes a safe haven for attacks on our countries,” he said.
Meanwhile, on Monday, the NATO leaders at the Brussels summit agreed to maintain funding for the Hamid Karzai International Airport in Kabul after the Resolute Support mission in Afghanistan ends.  Addressing a press conference after the summit, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said the RS mission is ending but NATO will continue supporting Afghanistan in four ways: funding Afghan forces, out-of-country training for Afghan forces, a continued civilian presence, and maintaining “critical infrastructure” such as the Kabul airport.
Despite spending billions of dollars on war against terror, the terrorist activities persist to continue in many countries. It may go on in many other upcoming years, in Afghanistan, Africa, Central, West, and Southeast Asian countries as it is getting accelerated day by day and the late terrorist attack in Afghanistan and some European countries are enough to be the evidence.
Meanwhile, the United States and its allies have much devoted in Afghanistan and other countries to break down the terrorisms, yet they haven’t succeeded to put an end to their continuous attacks and horror on the world and will sacrifice further because most of the Islamic countries were not supportive in this process to fight against terrorists.
Despite issuing declarations and supporting the Afghan peace process, but no tangible steps taken by the Islamic countries to curb terror in the country. Although US and NATO vowed to continue Afghanistan in post-withdrawal era, but much more is needed to control the situation and reduce Taliban’s threats to national and global security.
Perhaps, this is not a battle to be won by single few countries, rather it is a battle that must be supported and cooperated by all nations of the world, Muslim countries, and non-Islamic countries all must take part to settle it once and for all.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.