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Int’l community’s seriousness a must to stop Taliban atrocity

Different countries and international organizations, including foreign diplomatic missions in Kabul, EU, NATO, UN and OIC strongly condemned the attacks on civilians and expressed their deep concerns over the escalation of violence by the Taliban and the group’s atrocities, mass assassinations and war crimes.
They have called for an immediate ceasefire and reiterated their commitments to supporting an Afghan-owned and Afghan-led inclusive peace and reconciliation process towards reaching a political solution. They have also said that investigating Taliban war crimes and would take future steps in line with the group’s actions.
Despite regional efforts for sanctifications of the Taliban, the group continued horrible deeds and crimes forcing thousands of Afghan people to leave their hometowns and localities. Meanwhile, some of the opportunistic neighboring countries have begun to expurgate the deeds and actions of the Taliban, but the militant group refuting their justifications with their own dreadful deeds and action such as teasing girls, women, destroying and looting public and private properties, and crazily beheading armed and civilians in areas under their domination.
Indeed, the atrocity of the Taliban has not only re-revealed the real face of the group and that they are more dangerous than the 1990s, but also scandalize the opportunistic position of their old and new supporters. In general, the fear and frights have unspeakably enveloped the country forcing millions of people to flee or fly from their birthplaces.
Contrary to their leaders’ remarks, the ideology of the Taliban have never changed. The recen violence and behavior of the Taliban showed that they are neither committed to the interests of Afghanistan and nor loyal to the Islamic teachings. According to Islam if someone kills a person as if he kills the whole of humanity, but killing of the innocent men and women are the easiest task for the militant group.
Without paying attention to advice of religious scholars, they audaciously shot when they face any active or educated individual. Until now, the Taliban killed hundreds of youths, sportsmen, social activists, traders, drivers, shopkeepers, or any active and educated individual. According to the latest official report from the provinces, Taliban have audaciously killed dozens of civilians and destroyed dozens of public properties, including bridges, buildings, schools and even dams.
Taliban have no capacity and no motives to serve people and so the public and administrative services are entirely stopped in the area under the control of the group. Similarly, there are no developmental projects and the people have entirely evacuated the occupied area. Instead of providing public services, the Taliban destroys public facilities.
Therefore, the regional countries must be warned as the Taliban breached all their commitments to their own land and people, they will not stay respectful to their neighbors and regional supporters too.
The group still has ties with Al-Qaeda and other militants and sparing no efforts to return Afghanistan into dark eras of 1990s and undermine all the achievements made so far. To curb the group’s advances and protect the rights of Afghan people, the international community should do more for peace in the war-torn country. Condemnations alone cannot help and tangible steps are needed to control the situation and fill the gap after foreign forces withdrawal from Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.